Pupdate: Fable phase zero

We got Fable on the puppy truck early Sunday morning without mishap. She was excited to go and started up the steps before it was our turn. Once in her assigned kennel on the truck she was more interested in saying high to the female lab across the aisle and male golden retriever next to her than in saying good-bye to us. No surprise there.

Me and Fable on the puppy truck

Our friend and fellow puppy raiser came to say good-bye to Fable on Sunday and took some beautiful photos of Fable just as the sun was coming up.

Fable – photo by Karen Fuller

Galaxy, Bill, Raelyn and Fable – photo by Karen Fuller

The big surprise that day was Galaxy’s reaction. She went with us to drop Fable off and we walked the beautiful trail by the hotel before hand. Galaxy seemed fine until we got home from church. When we got inside she stopped abruptly on the landing and just stood there like she didn’t know what to do with herself. She is adjusting and I’m learning that Fable did a great job of keeping Galaxy entertained. She has gotten herself into a bit of trouble in situations that she handled with ease while Fable was here.

Galaxy – photo by Karen Fuller

We got word that she arrived safely on the campus for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Boring, Oregon on Monday. Then we just had to wait for Thursday’s phase report to come out and hope that Fable’s name was on it. It was with the expected “0” in the phase column. Phase zero is all about adjusting to campus life and medical screenings. It can be a big adjustment to go from living in a puppy raisers home to the kennel environment. But GDB works hard to make them comfortable and happy. They get walks and play time with other dogs and kennel enrichment activities that could be anything from bubble machines to flavored ice and other tasty things.





Pupdate: Emma’s Recall

Me and Emma

I’m off in post schedule this week. I blame it all on these puppies. I’ve decided I don’t much like the two-day overlap. I’m sure it will be good but it is emotionally much harder. The key is to remember that next time I  end up with 5 or 6 months with two dogs. I think two months would be perfect but with wanting a certain letter that makes it difficult to pull off. Maybe one of these times. Anyway, we put Emma on the puppy truck to San Rafael, California today. The way I was feeling this week I thought I might get really emotional when the time came to do it. But today, I came to terms with it and saw that some things would be easier in training Fable with just one dog in the house. We had a busy morning with other commitments but I got in a quick walk with Emma before we left to meet the truck. I think that helped too.

As expected Emma was super excited to be there and see the other dogs. There were a couple of dogs transferred from Colorado for the High School program and four dogs recalled for training, I think. By the luck of the draw Emma was the first one to go on the truck but she got the upper kennel right behind the driver’s seat. She will like that, because Emma will be able to see more of what is going on. Emma was more interested in the dog treats she got for being in the kennel than saying good-bye to us. She is off on her big adventure. I think they drive to Elko today and stop for the night. Then finish the trip to San Rafael tomorrow. They are probably picking up more recall dogs along I-80 as they go.

The house is quiet without her here. It is always that way when a puppy leaves. But she is close to my heart and I’m excited to see what path her life takes from here. We won’t hear anything until it is decided that she won’t be a breeder or that she has passed all the preliminary tests for breeding and they are awaiting final tests to decide. I’ll update here when we get some news on Emma.

Pupdate: Coming & Going

Puppy Truck Countdown21Just 20 days until our new “F” puppy comes. Here is the current list of names from the naming contest. It is an impressive list of names. But there is still time to add your suggestions. Additions don’t have to be unique. This is also about guessing what her name will be, so you can “vote” for a name already on the list. If I’ve failed to credit you for a suggestion let me know and I’ll add your name to a suggestion. I see a couple that I don’t have anyone down for suggesting (oops).

  • Faberge     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabia     Minh
  • Fabian     Jan
  • Fabiana     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabianna     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabianne      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabrica     Kellie
  • Fabiola     Minh
  • Fable      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabray      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabrice      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fabulous      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Facet     Tina
  • Fáelán      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fahari     Janine
  • Fahrenheit     Tara
  • Fairfax      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fairlane     Kellie
  • Fairy     Karen (Lisbon), Minh
  • Fairytale     Kellie
  • Faith     Jo Ann, Louise, Kellie
  • Fajita     Martha, Tara
  • Fala       Karen (Lisbon), Janine
  • Falafel      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Falcon     Janine, Louise
  • Falina      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Faline     Kellie
  • Falkland      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Falla     Tina
  • Fame     Martha
  • Famous      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fancine     Laurel
  • Fancy     Holly, Randy, Karen (Lisbon), Brianne, Tara
  • Fandango     Jan
  • Fanfare     Janine
  • Fanny      Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Kellie
  • Fanta      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fantastic      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fantasy      Karen (Lisbon), Tara, Kellie
  • Fantine      Karen (Lisbon), Minh
  • Fanya      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fantasia     Donna, Holly, Laurel
  • Fantine     Kellie
  • Fara     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Farckle     Tara
  • Faren     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Farewell      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fargo     Toni
  • Farhana     Laurel
  • Farica     Janine
  • Farida     Laurel
  • Farina     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Farissa     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Farley     Minh
  • Faro     Tina
  • Farrah     Jo Ann, Tara, Karen (Lisbon), Toni
  • Farsi     MInh, Linsay
  • Fascia     Tina
  • Fashion     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
  • Fate     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fatima      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Faun     Tina
  • Fauna      Karen (Lisbon), Minh
  • Fausta       Karen (Lisbon)
  • Faustine      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fava     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Favor        Karen (Lisbon)
  • Fawn     Donna, Kellie, Karen (Lisbon), Janine
  • Fawna     Kellie
  • Fax      Karen (Lisbon), Jan
  • Fayda     Karen (Lisbon)
  • Faydra     Kellie
  • Faye     Louise, Karen (Lisbon), Minh
  • Fayette     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
  • Fayla      Karen (Lisbon)
  • Falin     Kellie
  • Fayna     Janine
  • Feather     Jo Ann, Karen (Lisbon)
  • Febe     Minh
    February     Louise
    FedEx     Jan
    Fedora      Karen (Lisbon), Jo Ann
    Feisty      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felda      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felena      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felice      Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Janine
    Felicia     Kellie, Karen (Lisbon)
    Felicidad      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felicity      Karen (Lisbon), Minh, Kellie
    Felipa      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felisha      Karen (Lisbon)
    Felita     Karen (Lisbon)
    Felix     Minh, Jan
    Feliz     Laurel
    Fema     Minh
    Fender     Marilyn
    Fennel     Karen (Lisbon)
    Ferdinand     Minh
    Fergie     Karen (Lisbon), Toni
    Ferguson     Toni
    Fermata     Jan
    Fern     Kellie, Bill, Karen (Lisbon), Janine
    Fernanda      Karen (Lisbon)
    Ferrah     Kellie
    Ferrari     Roxanne
    Ferris     Kellie
    Festal     Jan
    Festival     Tara, Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Jan
    Festive     Donna, Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Feta     Martha
    Fez     Laurel
    Fianna     Karen (Lisbon), Katie
    Fiat     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fiddle     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Janine, Tara
    Fiddler     Tara, Kellie
    Fidel     Tara
    Fidela     Janine
    Fiera     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fiero     Minh
    Fiery      Karen (Lisbon)
    Fiesta     Tara, Karen (Lisbon). Laurel
    Fifa     Minh
    Fife     Tina
    Fifer     Kellie
    Fifi     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Fig      Karen (Lisbon)
    Figaro     Jan
    Fiji     Tara
    Filamena     Brianne
    Filene     Karen (Lisbon), Minh, Tina
    Filigree     Karen (Lisbon)
    Filipa      Karen (Lisbon)
    Filippa     Donna
    Filly     Karen (Lisbon)
    Film     Tara
    Filomena     Minh
    Fina     Karen (Lisbon), Meagan
    Finaky     Louise
    Finale     Janine, Jan
    Finbar     Tara
    Finder     Karen (Lisbon)
    Finesse     Donna, Karen (Lisbon)
    Finish     Louise
    Fink     Tara
    Finley     Minh
    Finn     Minh
    Finnian     Jan
    Finola      Karen (Lisbon), Lindsay, Tara, Katie, Jo Ann
    Fiona     Jo Ann, Donna, Karen (Lisbon). Kellie
    Fionna     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fir     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fireball     Tara
    Firebird     Karen (Lisbon)
    Firecracker     Tara
    Firefly     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Kellie
    Firelight     Laurel
    Firework     Tara
    Firenze      Karen (Lisbon)
    Fisher     Minh
    Fisk     Jan
    Fix     Tara
    Fizz     Tara, Laurel
    Fjord     Laurel
    Flag     Jan
    Flagler     Jan
    Flake     Kellie
    Flair     Jo Ann, Karen (Lisbon)
    Flamingo      Karen (Lisbon)
    Flan     Randy, Karen (Lisbon)
    Flame     Lindsay, Laurel, Tara
    Flannel      Karen (Lisbon)
    Flare     Randy, Tina
    Flash     Randy, Lindsay, Minh
    Flavia      Karen (Lisbon)
    Flavor     Laurel
    Flax     Tina
    Fleece     Laurel, Tara
    Fleur      Karen (Lisbon), Minh
    Fletch     Kellie
    Fletcher     Minh
    Flick     Kellie
    Flicka     Karen (Lisbon), Marilyn, Katie, Kellie
    Flicker     Minh
    Flickr     Kellie
    Flight      Karen (Lisbon)
    Flirt     Jo Ann, Karen (Lisbon)
    Flit     Kellie
    Flo      Karen (Lisbon), Toni
    Float     Jan
    Flora     Jo Ann, Kellie. currentdescendent, Karen (Lisbon), Marilyn
    Floral     Jo Ann
    Florella     Karen (Lisbon)
    Florence     Karen (Lisbon)
    Florencia     Karen (Lisbon). Laurel
    Florentina      Karen (Lisbon)
    Florette     Laurel
    Florianne      Karen (Lisbon)
    Florida     Karen (Viansa & Ballad), Donna, Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Kellie
    Floriah     Marilyn
    Florie     Karen (Lisbon)
    Florinda      Karen (Lisbon)
    Florine     Kellie
    Flossie     Kellie
    Flouta     Laurel
    Flower     Jo Ann, Louise, Karen (Lisbon)
    Fluffy      Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Flurry     Jo Ann, Kellie, Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Flute     Karen (Lisbon), Marilyn, Jo Ann
    Flutter      Karen (Lisbon)
    Flyer     Jan, Loiuse
    Foggy     Karen (Lisbon)
    Folly     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fonda      Karen (Lisbon), Janine, Tina
    Fondant     Jo Ann
    Fondue     Jo Ann, Karen (Lisbon), Lindsay
    Font     Jan
    Fontina     Jan
    Fontaine     Laurel
    Fontainot     Laurel
    Fontana     Jo Ann, Karen (Lisbon)
    Fontina     Jo Ann, Kellie
    Fordham     Minh
    Forest     Karen (Lisbon), Jan
    Formosa     Karen (Lisbon)
    Forsythia     Karen (Lisbon)
    Forte     Jan
    Fortitude     Minh
    Fortissima     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fortunata     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fortuna     Jan, Jo Ann
    Fortune     Karen (Lisbon), Kellie, Jan, Loiuse
    Fountain     Tara, Laurel
    Forward     Craig
    Fossey     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fountain     Karen (Lisbon)
    Foxy      Karen (Lisbon), Marilyn
    Fraline     Donna, Laurel
    France      Karen (Lisbon), Marilyn, Lindsay
    Frances     Jan
    Francesca     Tara, Karen (Lisbon), Minh
    Francisco     Minh
    Francine     Tara, Randy, Karen (Lisbon), Kellie
    Francis     Karen (Lisbon), Kellie, Jan, Toni
    Francisca     Karen (Lisbon)
    Francoise     Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Franconia     Jan
    Frankenstein      Karen (Lisbon)
    Frankfort     Minh
    Frankie     Lisa, cottonthemaltese
    Franklynn     Katie
    Franky     Marilyn
    Franna      Karen (Lisbon)
    Frannie     Becky
    Freckles     Karen (Viansa & Ballad)
    Fred     Toni
    Freda     Donna
    Frederica      Karen (Lisbon)
    Frederick     Minh
    Fredrick’a     Kellie
    Freedom     Holly, Tara, Karen (Lisbon)
    Freetown     Laurel
    Freesia     Karen (Viansa & Ballad)
    Freezee     Louise
    French     Tara
    Frenchie     Randy
    Frenchy      Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Fresca     Crystal, Karen (Lisbon), Lindsay, Minh
    Fresh     Randy
    Fresia     Kellie
    Frey     Tina
    Freya     Joanie, Karen (Lisbon)
    Frida     currentdescendent
    Friday     Louise, Karen (Lisbon), Laurel
    Frieda      Karen (Lisbon), Jan
    Friend     Tara, Kellie
    Friendship     Laurel
    Frieze     Tara
    Fringe     Tara
    Frisbee     Tara, Karen (Lisbon)
    Frisco     Randy, Toni
    Friska     Brianne
    Frisky     Randy
    Fritter     Jan, Kellie
    Fritos     Tara
    Fritter     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fritz     Karen (Lisbon), Tara, Minh
    Fritzi      Karen (Lisbon), Janine
    Fizz     Donna
    Frizzle     Tara
    Frolic     Janinie, Karen (Lisbon), Holly
    Frost     Karen (Lisbon), Kellie
    Frosty     Minh, Jen
    Frozen     Karen (Lisbon), Tara
    Fruit      Karen (Lisbon), Tara

    Fuchsia     Kellie, Karen (Lisbon)
    Fudge     Louise, Karen (Lisbon)
    Fugue     Tina
    Fulani     Laurel
    Fun     Randy, Karen (Lisbon)
    Funky     Karen (Lisbon)
    Fusion     Laurel
    Futura     Karen (Lisbon), Jan
    Future      Karen (Lisbon), Laurel, Jan
    Fuzz     Tara
    Fuzzy     Donna
    Fynn     Minh
    Fyodor     Minh

Single Paw Print Countdown23Emma had her official eval today. It was planned for Liberty Park but the rain moved it to PetSmart. She has a hard time with pet stores so she wasn’t on her best behavior. She was super sniffy and some distracted. But she did fine anyway and she is on the September recall. So she will be leaving in 22 days for San Rafael, California. Our pups usually go to Boring, Oregon but for some reason this recall is for San Rafael. Banta was our only other pup to be recalled to San Rafael. While I’m excited to see what Emma decides to do with her life, I was hoping that she would be around for a few weeks to mentor miss “F”. But she is ready, more ready than Dune or Zodiac where. So there will be just two days of overlap between the new puppy and Emma, the time it takes for the puppy truck to go to Colorado and drop off baby puppies and then return picking up grown-up recall dogs.

I need to take lots more photos of Emma over the next 3 weeks and see if I can get her puppyhood book done to send a digital copy along with her on the puppy truck. Oh my, there is always so much to get done. Yikes! I’m sure they would like her end of project report asap too. Most of all we are going to miss that sweet little girl. I’ll just have to enjoying everyone of the next 22 days.

Good-bye to Yakira

last group photo with me, Zodiac and Yakira

We got up at 5 a.m. on Monday morning to get Yakira to the puppy truck on time. The drop off spot is about an hour from our home and they leave the first thing in the morning, after breakfast and walking the dogs already in their care. We like to get there early enough to help the puppy truck drivers walk the dogs. It seems to help make the process of sending off a puppy a little easier. There is a nice little walking path by the hotel where the puppy truck stops for the night.

Bill saying his last good-bye to Yakira

After all the dogs were walked it was time for all the new recall dogs to get on the truck. There were three dogs that morning and we went first. The puppy truck has two tiers of kennels and Yakira ended up on the top row. She got a large dog biscuit upon getting in to help make the kennel a more positive place. We said our last good-byes and took the last photos. The puppy truck drivers patient all the raisers. No one is rushed but no one takes unfair advantage of the situation either.

The puppy truck stopped Monday evening in Meridian, Idaho and finished the trip to Boring, Oregon and the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus there on Tuesday. We don’t expect to have any news on Yakira for a while. I think at this stage if we get news too quickly it probably won’t be good. Casey was dropped from breeder evals in just a couple of weeks. Banta was in breeder evals for months. We got some news after about a month and a half that she was in the last stages of breeder evaluations.

We all miss our sweet and gentle Yakira. But Zodiac is taking it harder than I expected. We are puppy sitting a four-month old yellow lab named Tim. I thought that would be enough to keep Zodiac from being too sad but it has worked. There is a sadness in his eyes and he doesn’t have much interest in many of the things that usually attract his attention. It seems the bond between Yakira and Zodiac was even stronger than we knew.


Yakira – photo by Lisa Thompson

This week has been one of lasts. The last walk around the neighborhood with Yakira. The last puppy class. The last time to the local grocery store. The last time to work with Bill. The last time to go to church. Last sleepover. Last time having a lunch date with Bill.Then there are all the lasts that I didn’t realize were lasts when we did them. She has been so many places with us over the last year. Tomorrow marks one year since we first saw Yakira.

Yakira – October 13, 2011

Sometimes I get very sentimental and a bit sad but at the same time I’m excited to see what Yakira’s future will bring. We are having a farewell party for her on Sunday evening. Then we put her on the truck early Monday morning. This is all part of the puppy raising process. The good and the bad. So proud of the dog she has grown up to be. But also seeing her weaknesses and hoping that the change of environment and stress of this transition doesn’t bring out those weaknesses and make them a deal breaker. But also knowing that if they do, then being a breeder or a guide dog isn’t what is best for her future. So that is the last of the sappy stuff about Yakira being recalled to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

50 for 50 #19 – A New Puppy

All four of us on Zodiac’s puppy day – photo by Lisa Monson

My plan was to get a new puppy in August but when the opportunity came to get a “Z” boy this past Friday I somehow couldn’t say no. So the 19th thing that I did to celebrate turning 50 years old is getting a new puppy.

Zodiac is a fun mix of stubbornness and adventurer, with a bit of unexpected caution thrown in. He is happiest when he gets some freedom to explore his surroundings. Most of his complaining has been about being kept from learning about his surroundings. I told you about his stubbornness in last Friday’s post introducing Zodiac. Then there is his fear of his food bowl. It is stainless steel and when Zodiac is about 3/4 of the way through eating he has a tendency to step on the edge of the bowl, which flips it. This scares him so he backs off from the bowl. It is funny to watch him. He wants to go back to his food but he doesn’t trust the bowl to stay put. It helps to understand that in the puppy kennels they eat from a doughnut-shaped dish that they can step into. If you we hold the bowl he comes back to finish his meal. Such a silly boy.

puppies from the Tito/Denisha litter – Guide Dogs for the Blind flickr site

The first few days with a new puppy are the hardest. The whole relieving outside is new to them and puppies don’t have a clue what you are trying to teach them. But it gets better quickly once they start to catch on. In the meantime, I am getting up several times a night and making lots of trips out during the day. And there are still more accidents to clean-up than it seems possible.

A really bright spot is how well Yakira and Zodiac are getting along. She is being a good mentor and learning to play to his level. They are so very cute together. What a fun way to celebrate turning 50!

Late-breaking Puppy News

Last night I got a call from our puppy club leader telling me they had a puppy for us if we wanted it. The plan was to wait until August but this black lab male became available at the last-minute. We had until this morning to decide and the answer is yes, we will take a puppy now!

The puppy truck comes on Friday! I thought she said a “V” puppy and this morning I found out he is actually a “Z” puppy. I’m so excited. I was hoping for a “Z” puppy to continue the pattern: A (Apex), B (Banta), C (Casey) – then we skip to the end – W (Waffle), no X – GDB has never had an X litter, Y (Yakira) and now Z! I know that it is silly but it makes me giddy with delight.

Here is a short video from a couple of years ago of the puppy truck getting loaded up in San Rafael, California. I think tomorrow they will be loading up our little Z-boy. One thing that has changed is that they pups are micro-chipped now instead of having tattoos in their ears. So as they load them on the truck tomorrow they will us a hand-held scanner to see which pup is which instead of checking the tatoo.

Any guesses about what his name will be? For those who are new to this, each litter has a letter for all the names to begin with. The other complication is that the name can’t duplicate any working dog from GDB or current puppy in training or breeder dog. That group is about 3,000 dogs. That means the names sometimes get very creative.

Here is a list of Z names for babies.

Some of the guesses so far are:

  • Zee
  • Zachary
  • Zach
  • Zane
  • Zebra
  • Zaire
  • Zorro
  • Zale
  • Zesty
  • Zip
  • Zoomer
  • Zeke
  • Zanto


Good-bye Casey

Yakira and Casey snuggled together in the back of the car

We got up super early this morning to take Casey to Ogden to put her on the truck. We could have dropped her off last night but I just didn’t see how spending another night on the truck was going to be of any benefit for her. We got there on time (7:00 a.m.) despite the fact that the alarm clock didn’t go off (it was set for p.m. instead of a.m.) and we had to hustle out the door as fast as we could. We had a bit of a wait once we got there because the drivers where still having breakfast. We could hear one of the pups on the truck making a bit of racket as we were waiting. We had Yakira with us in her kennel and I took her out and she relieved like a pro. So then she got to be loose in the back of the car with Casey. They were very cute together and Yakira snuggled up with Casey. Today is Yakira 2 month birthday so I put the birthday bandana on her and I put the celebration bandana on Casey for recall day.

Eventually the drivers came and I took Casey for one last walk. The hotel they stay in has a really nice walking path with a pond and lots of grass. When I was done I was going to put Casey back in the car so we could put her on the truck later after we helped walk dogs but she didn’t want anything to do with getting back in the car. So I was going to wait until Bill got back from walking the first dog he took out. But one of the drivers said it was fine to put Casey on and then we could come back after walking the dogs and say our final good-byes. She was on the upper level of kennels so I let the driver lift her up there.

Panera enjoying her walk

Then it was time for me to help walk dogs. The first dog I noticed was Panera. Her raiser is on a Yahoo list for guide dog users and puppy raisers and others who are associated with Guide Dogs for the Blind. I had told her that I’d try to walk Panera and get photos of her if I could. Panera got on the truck in Colorado on Friday. She is a big black lab at 73 pounds and not fat. And boy was she ready for a walk. I wasn’t completely prepared for her energy and I got a good shoulder yank the first time she ran to the end of the retractable. I kept a close eye on her after that and we did much better. We completed the circuit and did another half circuit to try to burn off a bit more of her energy.

Bill and Casey in her kennel with a wish bone toy

By the time I got back all the dogs were being taken care of so when Bill got back we gave some last loves to Casey. There was a wish bone shaped nylabone in Casey’s kennel, which is her favorite chew toy. Then all the puppies got two bone shaped doggy treats. And they were happily chewing away. I said by to Kasha who was right across the isle from Casey and Radison who was on the same side as Kasha but closer to the front. I gave Yakira another potty break which she did great on. She said high to one of the truck drivers before we got back in the car. He said the Yakira’s sister Yuma was given to a young, first time raiser in Colorado. By the time we were pulling out of the parking lot is was 8:30 a.m. So much for being on time for church this morning. Oh well, I wouldn’t change anything. It was a good morning even though we don’t know when we will see Casey again. There is always the possibility that we won’t get the chance to see her again. Not very likely but it is possible. Tonight she should be sleeping somewhere in the western part of Oregon and will arrive on campus in Boring tomorrow. We probably won’t hear anything about her for about a month.

Welcome Yakira

Yakira being handed to Raelyn off the puppy truck

We got puppy #5 off the puppy truck today. He name is Yakira, which I think is very cute. She is also very cute. Yakira is tiny at just 8 weeks and two days. But she isn’t at all skinny she is rather sturdy and boxy in her build. She is full of spunk and bouncy. She likes to bite my ankles. The really funny part is that we were told she was going to be a yellow lab and she is actually black. What makes this even more funny is the exact same thing happened when we got Casey a little over a year ago. Boy are we going to have fun over the next few days.

Cute little Yakira fresh off the truck

Two Years Ago Today

Beautiful Banta on the fresh green grass
It was two years ago today that we first met Banta. She came off the puppy truck with lots of attitude, ready to go out and explore the whole world. Though she was a challenge at times, there was a moment in those first couple of weeks that I saw a glimpse of the dog she could grow up to be. We so enjoyed her wonderful spirit and we know that you do to. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about the two of you especially on this day. I sent an email to her handler in honor of this day and here is some of what he said about Banta:
She still has the attitude that she probably had coming of the puppy truck. Boy, I am finding out how stubborn she can be. Now most of our challenges have to do with her stubbornness, and what I call retaliation for going where she may not want to go. For example, if she does not want to walk to the grocery store, she will make it a long, slow, and miserable walk. When she wants to work she is a star.  She is very destination oriented, which is good and bad. If we are somewhere new she targets every door she sees. She still makes me laugh when she is happy and jumps off the curb and I can feel her bouncing up and down as she walks. She is a lot of fun to play with, but again only how and when she wants.
It is fun to get news of how she is doing. He really understands that sweet and spicy girl. I’m so glad for the good match they are for each other. They have been working together for about four months now. Time sure goes by fast these days.