Good-bye Casey

Yakira and Casey snuggled together in the back of the car

We got up super early this morning to take Casey to Ogden to put her on the truck. We could have dropped her off last night but I just didn’t see how spending another night on the truck was going to be of any benefit for her. We got there on time (7:00 a.m.) despite the fact that the alarm clock didn’t go off (it was set for p.m. instead of a.m.) and we had to hustle out the door as fast as we could. We had a bit of a wait once we got there because the drivers where still having breakfast. We could hear one of the pups on the truck making a bit of racket as we were waiting. We had Yakira with us in her kennel and I took her out and she relieved like a pro. So then she got to be loose in the back of the car with Casey. They were very cute together and Yakira snuggled up with Casey. Today is Yakira 2 month birthday so I put the birthday bandana on her and I put the celebration bandana on Casey for recall day.

Eventually the drivers came and I took Casey for one last walk. The hotel they stay in has a really nice walking path with a pond and lots of grass. When I was done I was going to put Casey back in the car so we could put her on the truck later after we helped walk dogs but she didn’t want anything to do with getting back in the car. So I was going to wait until Bill got back from walking the first dog he took out. But one of the drivers said it was fine to put Casey on and then we could come back after walking the dogs and say our final good-byes. She was on the upper level of kennels so I let the driver lift her up there.

Panera enjoying her walk

Then it was time for me to help walk dogs. The first dog I noticed was Panera. Her raiser is on a Yahoo list for guide dog users and puppy raisers and others who are associated with Guide Dogs for the Blind. I had told her that I’d try to walk Panera and get photos of her if I could. Panera got on the truck in Colorado on Friday. She is a big black lab at 73 pounds and not fat. And boy was she ready for a walk. I wasn’t completely prepared for her energy and I got a good shoulder yank the first time she ran to the end of the retractable. I kept a close eye on her after that and we did much better. We completed the circuit and did another half circuit to try to burn off a bit more of her energy.

Bill and Casey in her kennel with a wish bone toy

By the time I got back all the dogs were being taken care of so when Bill got back we gave some last loves to Casey. There was a wish bone shaped nylabone in Casey’s kennel, which is her favorite chew toy. Then all the puppies got two bone shaped doggy treats. And they were happily chewing away. I said by to Kasha who was right across the isle from Casey and Radison who was on the same side as Kasha but closer to the front. I gave Yakira another potty break which she did great on. She said high to one of the truck drivers before we got back in the car. He said the Yakira’s sister Yuma was given to a young, first time raiser in Colorado. By the time we were pulling out of the parking lot is was 8:30 a.m. So much for being on time for church this morning. Oh well, I wouldn’t change anything. It was a good morning even though we don’t know when we will see Casey again. There is always the possibility that we won’t get the chance to see her again. Not very likely but it is possible. Tonight she should be sleeping somewhere in the western part of Oregon and will arrive on campus in Boring tomorrow. We probably won’t hear anything about her for about a month.


Casey & Waffle Farewell Party

Invite for Waffle’s & Casey’s Farewell Party

We have the tradition to have a Farewell Party the Sunday before each of our puppies gets on the truck. Since Waffle is transferring to the high school program on Saturday and Casey gets on the truck a couple of weeks after that we decided to combine the two parties together. It is just a relaxed fun time where friends, family and especially kids from the neighborhood and play with the pups and see them in their home environment. We had a card to sign for each of the girls. Usually we have a guess the puppy name contest but since we don’t know what letter of puppy we are getting yet we had a vote for your favorite photo contest. We have an official puppy portrait wall and I had narrowed Waffle’s photo down to four and thought it would be fun for people to vote on which one they liked best. We had an obvious winner. So I uploaded it here because I didn’t get any photos take at the party.

winning Waffle portrait – taken by Lisa Thompson

Now I need to get this photo prepared to take to Pixels and have a canvas made for our wall. I don’t think I can get it back before she leaves but hopefully it won’t take too long to get done. Waffle is finally big enough to wear her big girl collar. The other pups have been able to wear it at 6 months but Waffle has such a skinny head that it could easily slip off. Our little girl is getting all grown-up and ready to leave the nest. Friday is going to come really fast I’m afraid. I wonder if it will be harder to had a puppy off to another raiser than it is to put them on the puppy truck back to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Casey Recall Reprieve

Bill with Waffle and Casey

We got news today that Casey will not be returning to Guide Dogs for the Blind on the next truck. They have more dogs in Breeder Evaluations than they need and training needs more dogs. So since Casey was the youngest puppy scheduled to go on the truck and she is in consideration to be a breeder she will not be going back until the next puppy truck to Utah which is expected to be in October. I didn’t see this coming. Casey is ready to go back but we sure will enjoy having her longer. I think for Waffle it would have been better to have a month or so as an only dog before she is transferred but that is not to be. We have canceled Casey’s Farewell party to be rescheduled when we have a new recall date. Another good thing about the change in recall date is that Casey doesn’t have to go back just a few days after she is released from her confinement from being in season.

Casey Farewell Party

Invite for Casey’s Farewell Party

You are invited to attend an open house in honor of Casey and her upcoming return to Guide Dogs for the Blind
on Sunday, August 21st from 3:oo to 6:00 p.m in the Webster home.

Upon her arrival in San Rafael, Casey will first be evaluated to become a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind. If she is not chosen as a breeder she will start her formal harness training to become a guide dog for a blind or visually impaired person.