Inside the Mind of a Child

Nighttime adventures: Three tyrannosaurus rex heads tower over Nate, here in the foreground by David Niles

I love this idea for a story project! This dad not only listened to his son’s dreams but he took those stories and turned them into amazing photos. What a wonderful way to capture the imagination and personality of his son. The link below goes to the story and lots more amazing photos.

Loving Father Recreates His Son’s Dreams

Pupdate: Banta & Zodiac

We got pictures from both Banta and Zodiac this week. I love getting emails from our pups and photos make it even more exciting.

Banta and Mark

Banta was recently at a family wedding and she got a special outfit for the event. Not sure why a tie, but she looks cute in it all the same.

David and Zodiac

Zodiac is earning a little bit a freedom around the house and mostly using it wisely. He is still young and sure to test the boundaries a bit. But he is learning.

Candy Window Update

Snoopy and his doghouse

Here is a photo of the window as it looked late last week. Bill helped me get the support structure for the tree finished. Yeah! This week, I got some work done on the red star and I got the lights put on the tree. The tree still needs to be painted green. Today I picked up 7 cases of candy from World Foods. I should have most of the candy I need for the window now except the sky which I’ll be order in the next week or so.

I haven’t gotten as much done this week as I’d hope. I’ve been fighting a cold and I finally feel like I’m winning the battle after a week. Hopefully Saturday will be a good day to get lots of candy attached.

A Letter From Fred

A Letter From Fred from Green Shoe Studio on Vimeo.

I came across this story via the Your Story Coach and her monthly newsletter so I had to share it here. What a wonderful example of a meaningful story project and all the people who came together to make it happen.

Here is a link to entire story on


Story Prompts

I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks about coming up with a gift idea for weddings and showers etc. Something that would be meaningful and yet not take tons of time or tons of money to put together. My best idea to date is story prompt jars. I haven’t gotten very far on the idea but I thought I’d share what I have so far.

Using the great questions from, I’m working on laying them out in sheets that I’ll cut into little cards. Hopefully I can add some color and fun to the sheets. Then I’ll put the cards in to jars. Maybe just a simple canning jar or maybe something a bit fancier. I’ll have to experiment and see what works.

I think any family could benefit from asking each other questions at the dinner table or a more formal gathering. This maybe what I give for Christmas this year. I’ll keep you posted with photos etc. as I progress. I’m thinking I will share a pdf of the finished question cards so you could make your own story prompt jars.

Have you used story prompts? I’d love to hear your experiences.


Remembering and Honoring Our Heritage


When telling your families stories how do you handle the less than honorable ones? I came across an interesting article on Family Storytelling by Valerie Elkins with some very wise advice on how to look at the not so good choices that have been made in all families. Here is her article:

The Fork in the Road and the Road Less Traveled

How have you handled the heroes and the scalawags in your family?

Pupdate: Emma

Emma eating her lunch

Emma is 12 weeks old today and she got the next round of vaccinations today too. She weighted 22.8 lbs. That is almost 3 lbs. heavier than Dune was at that age. It isn’t our imagination that Emma weights more than our other girls. She is a cute little chunk of puppy. It is funny because her front paws are much larger than her back paws. She slept through the night after just three nights and most nights she puts herself into her kennel to sleep.

Emma is the easiest puppy we have raised so far. She has an interesting mix if energy, calmness, independence, and malleability. Emma is a super slow eater. I’ve started putting her food down first and then taking Dune out to relieve after she finishes eating. I’m usually back in time hear Emma finishing up her dinner. She still keeps me on my toes and Dune is being a wonderful big sister. Dune still has two more weeks of “house arrest” because she is in season. These two girls add lots of joy and fun to our lives.