Yakira in her Halloween costume

Last year we had Banta’s farewell party on Halloween so I made a couple of orange and black ruffles to go around their necks to celebrate the season. So this year I pulled one out to put on Yakira for the day. It was big but it worked fine anyway. We set up a couple of x-pen panels so she couldn’t get to the door when the trick or treaters came. She so enjoyed waiting there to see the kids come by. Yakira got lots of “oh how cute” comments from the kids. It was a fun evening.


Candy Day 15

Finished zippered jacket

Today I finished the zippered jacket which didn’t take too long. Next on the list was the yule log. This went pretty well as I was using tootsie rolls for the bark and pina colada licorice for the ends of the log. The tootsie rolls I have are from the candy stash and they are very hard. I thought I would need to buy a few fresh ones to fill in some of the spots that need a different shape but I decided to try microwaving them and see if that would soften them up. It did! Finally I started on the quilt that goes under the tree. I got a good start but there is lots of candy to put down on this and the outside edge has a border will very small candy so it took a long time. I’ll have to finish is tomorrow.

Yule Log

Candy Day 14

Unwrapped box

I spent lots of hours gluing candy today. I forgot that there is one more gift box for under the tree so that got added to my list. I got the “unwrapped” box finished and the other extra box. I made a bow for the unwrapped box and also an “xmas” tag. I’ll add some more detail to this when the fondant dries. I’d like to add some more color to both of these boxes but will wait to see if I have enough of the tart n’ tiny candy left after I get the quilt under the tree done. If not I’ll might see if there are some fun Christmas shaped candy at the store when they put out Christmas candy next week. I got a good start on the jacket with zipper for inside the unwrapped box but I didn’t get it done. I had an overly ambitions plan for this week trying to make up for last time a couple of weeks ago. I made good progress but not as much as I’d hoped. I think I may have some late nights coming up in the next two weeks to get this project done on time.

Bow and ribbon for unwrapped box
Extra Gift for under the tree
Incomplete zippered jacket for inside unwrapped box

Candy Day 13


I had other commitments today and I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. But I did get the drum finished and I also made a good start on the unwrapped box. I need to pick up something for the drum sticks. I’m going to wait until after Halloween when they put out the Christmas candy. That will give me some more options in Christmas colors. Lots left to do and not that much time to do it in.

Candy Day 12

Finished elf

Good news today. I got the last three figures done! I got the elf done first and then tackled the reindeer followed by good old Kris Kringle. Woow! It feels so good to have all of the figures tackled. I’m pretty happy with all of them. They certainly aren’t perfect, candy creations never are, but I’m pleased with the overall effect.

Finished Reindeer

Finished Kris Kringle

For the on the tree decorations I still have to finish the ice skate. It is mostly done it just needs to be assembled after the blade dries. So I’ll do that next week. Plus I have the gingerbread man to do. I made a mini one out of rolled fondant but it is very small compared to the size of the other tree decorations so I need to make a full sized one. I don’t have enough fondant left to do it so I think I’ll make a batch of actual gingerbread to take care of that. Saturday should be a good day to do that.

So Tomorrow I’ll be moving to the stuff under the tree. I have the drum, the unwrapped package and the jacket inside the package on my to do list.

Not a Breeder

Casey laying on our kitchen floor

I got an email this morning that Casey is being spayed and will enter training as soon as she is recovered. Of all the breeder evals that went back on the truck with her only one is still being considered and that one is a golden. I think Casey has what it takes to be a very good guide dog for someone with a calm kind of life. I can imagine her with someone older, kind of like my neighbor, Virginia, who Casey just adores. Now I just have to wait for her to show up on the weekly phase reports. It will be nice to get weekly updates on how she is progressing. Go girl, you can do it!

Candy Day 11

Three wise men finished

To start off the day I decided that my work area was too big of a mess so I cleaned things up and laid down some clean paper to protect the work surface. I had to get all three wise men done today if I was going to have any chance of getting done what I needed to this week. It took close to two hours for each one but I got them all done! Yeah! Now I am more than half through with the figures. I’ve still got Kris Kringle, an elf, a reindeer to do on the figures. I’ve also got to make a big dent on the things that go under the tree this week to.

10 Weeks Old

Yakira in Bill’s lap

Our little girl is 10 weeks old today! She is really starting to catch on to relieving. She has reminded me several times that she was ready to go out. We are transitioning to say the “do your business” command to just before she starts relieving. So that is a big milestone. Yakira still doesn’t make it through the night but that will be coming very soon.

He cold is pretty much better. No more runny nose and she only coughs once in awhile now. She has lots of energy between naps and sometimes it is hard to keep her from making me her chew toy. Yakira loves to snuggle in our laps when she is ready for a nap.

Candy Day 10

Finished Mary

Today I worked on Mary. I had a false start on what to use for her dress and had to rip the candy off because it was just too bulky. I’ve learned that at this scale I really have to be careful about the bulk of the candy I use on the people. But I got her done though not as fast as I had hoped. The wise men are all ready to go for tomorrow. I’m thinking it should get faster as I’ve learned things from the first two figures and the rest of the figures are simpler in that they go on the tree so that their backs don’t need candy on them.

Wise men ready for candy

Candy Day 9

Finished Angel

Today I got really serious about moving forward on my people. No more procrastinating. It took me a while but I got the angel done! Yeah! I was hoping to get Mary done too but it took me too long to get the angel figured out. I hate it when I glue a bunch of candy on and then decide it doesn’t work and I have to figure out how to get it off again. Between that and just figuring out how I was doing the basic structure for my people at this scale it all took too much time. I did get Mary’s body all ready to put candy on. I need to go get some chocolate licorice for her hair. I just don’t have any candy that will work for her hair.

Mary ready for candy