Phase 4


Our girl just keeps on moving through the phases. She is now half way thorough the phases!

Phase 4: Intelligent Disobedience

  • Formal Harness Training
  • NEW! After preliminary testing, more extensive work inside buildings begins.
  • Notable Accomplishment – Traffic Conditioning (Exposure)
  • Body Handling Acceptance
  • Physical Agility Programs
  • Obstacle Course Progression – Intelligent Disobedience Training Begins
  • NEW! Some clearances now require a stop.
  • NEW! Addressing errors is now introduced for basic clearance work.
  • NEW! An overhead clearance is any obstacle that is above the dog’s head.
  • Socialization

Phase 3

Banta with nylabones and Goughnuts

Banta is moving right along to phase 3! Keep it up girl!

Phase 3: Preliminary Testing

  • Notable Accomplishment – Preliminary Obedience Testing
  • Obedience and Distraction Training
  • Notable Accomplishment – Preliminary Blindfold Testing
  • Difficult Distractions
  • Body Handling Acceptance
  • Guidework Training
  • Pattern Training
  • Up Curb Exercise # 3
  • Physical Agility Programs
  • Obstacle Course Progression

Phase 2

Banta in our backyard

Banta has moved on to Phase 2! Bill is sure she is doing just fine in training but I worry more. I tend to focus on her challenges and not her strengths and that isn’t a good thing. The trainers know what they are doing and they will do everything they can to teach her to be a wonderful guide dog. Below is a list of what she is now working on and learning in phase 2.

Phase 2: In Town and Responsible Lead

  • Obedience and Distraction Training
  • Body Handling Acceptance
  • Kennel Adjustment and Routine
  • Wearing the Harness
  • Pattern Training Progression
  • Planned Distraction Route NEW!
  • Physical Agility
  • Responsible Lead Session NEW!
  • Obstacle Course Progression

Phase 1


The phase report came out today and Banta is now is phase 1. I was afraid that she might be in phase 0 for a few weeks do to some glitch or that she would be transferred up to Oregon but she is staying in San Rafael. And she is actually starting to learn how to be a guide!
Here is a short summary of what she is learning in phase 1:

  • Food Reward and Clicker Techniques
  • Obedience Responses and Teaching Focus around Distractions
  • Formal Obedience (sit, down, heel, stay and come)
  • Food Refusal Protocol
  • Socialization (introduction to the training van)
  • Body Handling Acceptance
  • Introduction to the Harness
  • Treadmill Training
  • Pattern Training (a method of introducing guidework behavior in a positive manner.)
  • Up Curb Exercise #1
  • Dog Agility Walk
  • Back Up Chute
  • Obstacle Course