Step Four: Build

Step Four: Build

Now is the time to start the real work on your story project! How exciting it that! Hopefully in the analyze step you made a detailed plan with a path to follow to complete your project. If so than follow that plan. If your plan is not so well thought out or detailed than pick a task from your plan and get to work on it.  A few things to keep in mind as you build your story project:

  • make short-term goals
  • adjust your plans as needed
  • when you are feeling overwhelmed move forward in an
  • area that you know how to do
  • you might need to learn some new skills to complete your project
  • remember your “why”
  • find ways to motivate and reward yourself
  • enjoy the journey

The key to this step is to keep moving forward. When an obstacle blocks your path find a way around it. Simple to say, but not always simple to do. But with time and effort you can and will complete your story project.


3 thoughts on “Step Four: Build

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