Two Mile Stones – Banta & Casey

Today is Banta’s 2nd birthday. I sent her a figure 8 tug toy because it was her favorite tug toy of all the ones we had and it held up pretty good. I got it sent off early and then waited a few days to send an email to Mark to let him know it was coming. Well I waited too long and the package got there before my email. Because he has no vision I didn’t send a note or anything with it. I just figure my email would take care of that. This is what he said:

Hi Raelyn and Bill

We got the box on Friday.  Thank you very much.  She loves it!  I was wondering where it was from, I have not had anyone over yet who could read the box to me to see who sent it.  Mystery solved.

Banta is doing very well.  We will be working with another trainer this Wed and Th.  I do not remember if I mentioned, I only agreed to the 2 week class if I had 1 week of at home training.  We do not have many working issues, just a few minor things that need to be worked through.

We had 12 straight days of thunder storms, some severe, and only 1 storm seemed to bother her.  We had 2 lightening strikes very close to our house.  We learned the next day there was some pool furniture hit by lightening about 50 feet outside our door.  I think that is when we both jumped.  Now we are getting very hot weather.  Since we have been back we have either had very hot weather or hot weather with high humidity.  I think this has caused Banta to be a little less energetic than when we were in training.

We had a very long day today.  I took the day off work and went to 3 Dr. apts. at 3 different hospitals.  She did really well.  We only had some difficulties for the last 20 minutes, I hope she just got tired.  I was really happy with how she worked almost all day.  I get so many comments about how well behaved she is and how beautiful she looks.

Mark and Banta 

The other mile stone was Casey went into season today. I knew it was coming so it was a relief in someways that it finally got here. She has had some behavior changes the last couple of weeks with destructive chewing and peeing on walks etc. She even started to swell up a bit the last day or two. Lisa wanted to get a chance to have her over for a couple of days before she goes back but she had to cut it short when Casey came into season. So 28 days and counting of house arrest for Casey. The bad part is she will only have a few days a freedom before she goes on the truck back to GDB. It reminds me so much of the timing that Banta had too.


August Recall List


Today we got the following email forwarded by our club leader:

Because the August puppy truck is scheduled to be later in the month than was previous thought…many dogs are going to training/campus for recall with raisers during Fun Day…this frees up the truck and as of today Casey and Radison are both on the breeder recall list for the late August truck, last i heard it was a San Rafael truck, but will know for sure before it comes. Below are the details from Barb…
The next puppy truck to UT/CO is now scheduled for:
Aug 25 UT puppy drop off
Aug 26 CO puppy drop and recall
Aug 27 UT recall
Jacinda, Chiffon, Farley, Covey, Jaya
Breeder eval
Yoga, Jakota, Jorinda, Joilet, June, Tatum, Tonga, Radison, Razzle, Rhyme, Antiqua, Crosby, Casey
I do know there will be at least 2 more truck this year, maybe 3. This has hardly come together so please don’t ask me to guess Sept/Oct schedules, I just don’t know yet. J
Barb Deevers
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Canine Community Field Representative
Colorado and Utah

Playing Dead

Waffle “playing dead” on her favorite dog bed

Waffle is such a silly girl. She loves to sleep on her back with her legs spread way out wide. She is totally relaxed but she looks more like a dead dog than one that is actually asleep. She does this all the time. She even did it the first Sunday that she went to all of church. I’ve heard that dogs only sleep this way when they are feeling very secure in their environment. I guess this means that she is well adapted to being part of our family.

Chuckwagon Breakfast and ATV Rodeo

Clifford and Waffle at the ATV Rodeo

This morning we went to the park for the annual Chuckwagon breakfast put on the city. The lines weren’t too long and we sat across from some policemen who were taking a break from working security for the festivities. Then we met my sister and her family on the other side of the park for the ATV Rodeo. Waffle drove me a bit nuts on the way over there because she kept messing with her head collar trying to rub it off on me or the ground. Silly girl! Clifford came with my sister too so it was fun to get to see him again. Jacob just loves Waffle. Of course he loves Clifford too. My nephews enjoyed seeing how the ATV Rodeo worked as their family recently purchased a couple of ATV’s and they boys are learning how do drive them.