August Recall List


Today we got the following email forwarded by our club leader:

Because the August puppy truck is scheduled to be later in the month than was previous thought…many dogs are going to training/campus for recall with raisers during Fun Day…this frees up the truck and as of today Casey and Radison are both on the breeder recall list for the late August truck, last i heard it was a San Rafael truck, but will know for sure before it comes. Below are the details from Barb…
The next puppy truck to UT/CO is now scheduled for:
Aug 25 UT puppy drop off
Aug 26 CO puppy drop and recall
Aug 27 UT recall
Jacinda, Chiffon, Farley, Covey, Jaya
Breeder eval
Yoga, Jakota, Jorinda, Joilet, June, Tatum, Tonga, Radison, Razzle, Rhyme, Antiqua, Crosby, Casey
I do know there will be at least 2 more truck this year, maybe 3. This has hardly come together so please don’t ask me to guess Sept/Oct schedules, I just don’t know yet. J
Barb Deevers
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Canine Community Field Representative
Colorado and Utah

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