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Hi, I’m Raelyn and I love to create beautiful things that serve a  purpose. For more than 10 years I have published family history books and I have learned so much in the journey while developing a real passion for finding effective and meaningful ways to share family stories. Thus this blog Telling Family Tales was born. The goal of this blog is to gather in one place resources that will help you in how to share your family stories in ways that will engage others in those stories that you already love.

We have all seen those history books that took lots of hours and effort to put together and then when you give a copy to a family member they flip through a few pages and it gets placed on the shelf. The information in these books is valuable but the presentation results in a “glazed” look from everyone but a genealogist. With today’s technologies there are so many better ways to share this information. So explore the information here and get inspired.

Do you have a project that you’d like to share or questions on how to tackle a project, I’d love to hear from you! Just send me a message at

Here is a bit more about my life and the other things I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy!

Joy Jar: This year I am focusing on being more grateful for the little things in life that bring me joy. So each week I’ll be posting a list of things that I’ve noticed that week.

Here are my latest Joy Jar posts.

Something Sweet: One of the other major creative projects in my life is putting together candy sculptures to celebrate the Christmas season. It is another way to tell stories about Christmas and families. This years theme is Christmas movies and I’ve chosen “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” We have a long-term plan to grow this into a wonderful community tradition.

Here is the latest info on Something Sweet.

50 for 50: To celebrate turning 50 years old, I did 50 different things during the year. Most are inspired by places and things from my past but a some of them are about moving forward with enthusiasm into the next decade of my life. This idea was inspired by a friend of mine who celebrates her birthday every month when she reaches another decade milestone. Do you have any special ways to celebrate the milestones in your life?

Click here for my latest 50 for 50 post.


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