My Puppies

I am a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Here is where you will find my posts about my current puppy in training and past puppies with updates about their careers.


This is puppy in training #8. She joined our family in September of 2013. She is a wonderful mix of energy, calmness, confidence and malleability. It is going to be fun to see what type of dog she grows up to be.


This is Dune our seventh puppy in training.  Dune is a spunky and inquisitive puppy. She is very smart and opinionated and always willing to share that opinion. Dune loves life and is now a guide dog for Ashleigh in Arizona.

Find the latest Dune news here.


Zodiac is our sixth puppy from Guide Dogs for the Blind. He returned to Guide Dogs for the Blind in May 2013 and went to Missouri for in-home training in August with his partner, David.

The latest posts on Zodiac are here.

Yakira photo by Karen Fuller

Yakira, our fifth puppy,  graduated on February 2nd, 2013 from the Boring, Oregon campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind. After seven months of being a guide dog in southern California, her handler came to the realization that she and Yakira were not a good match. Yakira decided she didn’t want to be a guide dog. We placed her in Florida with Apex’s family. Sue’s mother Sharan and Yakira are working together to have Yakira certified as a hearing dog.

For updates on Yakira click here.

Waffle photo by Lisa Thompson

Waffle is the fourth puppy we raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She was what is known as a starter pup. We only had her until she was seven months old. Then Waffle transferred to a high school student to finish raising as part of a class on service animals. In July GDB decided that Waffle would not be a guide dog and she has returned to GDB for a community placement. Waffle was partnered on August 31, 2012 and now travels with her for work.

Look for more info on Waffle here.

Casey photo by Lisa Thompson

Casey is our third puppy from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She graduated from GDB’s Boring, Oregon campus on June 2, 2012 and now lives with her partner Carrie in British Columbia, Canada. Casey has developed into a very confident guide dog.

All of Casey’s blog posts are here.

Banta photo by Lisa Thompson

Banta is the second puppy we raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. After being released from the breeding program she graduated from the San Rafael, California campus in May of 2011 as a guide dog. Mark and Banta live in the Denver, Colorado area.

All the details of Banta are here.


Apex is the very first puppy we raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He graduated from the Oregon campus in Boring in January 2010 as a guide dog. Apex and Sue live Florida.

More Apex info here.


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