Yakira Book – Yabber

Yakira had lots of mates while she was growing up but two stand out from the rest. Clifford and Zodiac.

Yakira and Zodiac became great friends once he grew up a bit. It was neat to see how well they got along and how they were often snuggled up together on the same dog bed.

They shared so much that Zodiac mourned when Yakira left for training.
Clifford is my sister’s dog. He was career changed from being a guide dog because of cataracts but he is the perfect dog for their family. When Clifford came over, Zodiac would be forgotten and the two of them would romp together. Clifford still perks up when he hears Yakira’s name.


Yakira Book – Yellow

It is traditional that when I knew puppy is coming we find out the first letter of their name along with their breed, color and gender. Yakira was supposed to be a YLF (yellow lab female) with a “Y” name. So I was a bit surprised when she came off the truck as black. We didn’t really care what color she was but it was funny.

Yakira Book – Yearn

Yakira yearns for heat and warmth. In the wintertime she would lay right on top of the heat vent when the warm air was coming out. When Bill had his space heater on she would settle herself in front of it and bask in it’s warmth. She would also seek out the afternoon sun as it came through our west-facing window.

When I filled out Yakira’s project report I made sure that GDB knew of her love of heat. And they came through for her with a new home in southern California. The perfect spot for our heat loving girl.


Book of the Week – “One Owen-A-Day”

This is a fun little book with one photo each day of a little boy from his second birthday to his third. It is neat to see how much of his personality and his family’s culture comes through. I think the idea could be shifted to a photo a year or a photo a month as a way to tell the story of someone’s life. There are lots of ways to share your story. You don’t always have use words.

Here is what author/photographer Ben Udkow said about this project:

I’m taking a photo-a-day of both Maya and Owen. Maya’s daily photo is called My Maya-A-Day and Owen’s daily photo is called One Owen-A-Day. Every day since they were born 

In addition, any photos that don’t make the cut as My Maya-A-Day or One Owen-A-Day will be posted under the month they’re taken in Monthly Maya and Owen. All three of these collections, as well as photos of firsts, movies, etc can all be viewed under Maya and Owen in the main The Udkow Family Photo Gallery at www.udkow.com

Yakira Book – Year-long

We had Yakira for full year plus one full day a two partial days. She came on the puppy truck on October 13th in the afternoon and left on the puppy truck the next year on October 15th early in the morning. She came to us 2 days past 8 weeks old and left us the day before she turned 14 months old. We almost got a couple more weeks but guide dogs needed her.

Using Lightroom 4 to Create Your Photo Books – Blurb webinar


Blurb is having a free webinar next Thursday, February 28th called “Using Lightroom 4 to Create Your Photo Books”. This sounds really interesting I think I’ll be attending. Here is what Blurb has to say about it:

One of our favorite Adobe® Lightroom® 4 experts, professional photographer Jay Graham, will be illustrating exactly how to create a stunning photo book in Lightroom 4 with the new Book module that works right with Blurb. He’ll cover:

  • Collecting and managing your photos
  • Sequencing your work
  • Using auto layout
  • Setting preferences
  • Book design and captioning

By the end of the session, you’ll be ready to put together your own beautiful photo book.

Oh, and you’ll even learn how to get 25% off your next Blurb book. We’re excited to be able to share this webinar with you and can’t wait for the next ones.

February 28th, 2013 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. PST – Register Now

Joy Jar


This week had some great days and some challenging ones.

  • Karen’s baby lamb
  • fresh snow
  • finally getting some spring bulbs planted to force
  • sleeping puppies
  • seeing the photos of Karen’s twin lambs
  • getting my hair cut
  • taking a nap
  • scavenger hunt
  • Bountiful Baskets
  • my new “wall”
  • digital cameras
  • getting all the photos placed in Yakira’s book
  • the quiet of night after a snow storm
  • Dune in her jacket
  • hot lemon & honey
  • reading with kids at Rosamond
  • getting Yakira’s book done
  • getting over my cold
  • sleep

Yakira Book – Yawn

I don’t know that Yakira yawned more than any of our other puppies but when you are trying to find words that start with “y” for her book you don’t turn away a word like yawn. I don’t think she loved having her photo taken and so we did catch of few “stress” yawns.

A book I read about dogs said that yawning is a calming signal. They could be trying to calm themselves or they could be trying to calm someone around them. Yakira has a quiet kind of confidence so it could be that her yawning was all about helping those around her calm down.

Pupdate – Scavenger Hunt


For puppy class this week we met at the Valley Fair Mall. I thought it would be the usual socializing but our leader divided us into two team for a scavenger hunt. The two little puppies, Dune & Eagle, stayed in the center of the mall while the rest of the pups went off to find the things on the list and take photos of our puppies with the items we found. It was lots of fun. The mall was rather quiet and so the clerks were always happy to help us and the pups went lots of places all over the mall. Here are some of the photos.

Dune in Akyra’s lap

King & Zodiac in the arcade

plastic fork in the food court with King & Zodiac

a bouquet of flowers with Zodiac and King

Zodiac, King and a stuffed bear

King and Zodiac by luggage with wheels

Our Scavenger Hunt Team – Bill, McKale, Raelyn, King & Zodiac

Yakira Book – Yakka

When Yakira was about three months old we went into the mountains for our annual Christmas tree cutting. I was concerned about how she would handle the snow and if it would be too deep for her. But she was a trooper. She only got cold once and after I warmed her up on my lap she was good to go.

Yakira also loved the biggest toys when she was little. The jolly ball was a life saver because she could attack it and get out some of her extra energy. She never let the size or weight of anything stop her from picking it up and carrying it around.