Poop Update

Casey and loose poop have been a fairly common thing. After Monday’s early morning poop trouble she deposited a load of loose poop in the middle of the living room in the afternoon. I’d just taken her out about a half an hour before. Then at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning she got up in the night and poop in her own private little port-a-potty (the kennel) again. Finally Tuesday afternoon, she her poop started firming up. Casey woke me up at 5:45 a.m. this morning to take her out but her poop was very well formed. And today she has been back to a more normal pooping schedule. Something that she picked up off the ground must have messed up her system. We have spent the last month trying to get her on a food that agrees with her system and we finally seemed to be there when this loose poop episode struck I was worried that we were back to square zero. But yahoo! that isn’t the case. As our club leader use to say “it all comes back to poop.”


Freedom Day

Banta has been on “house arrest” for the past 4 weeks because she has been in season. Today was she was finally cleared to return to normal socializing activities. After baths for both the girls we headed off for some fun. Casey spent the morning at work with Bill, while Banta and I ran some errands and took a walk along the Jordan River. We got a good coating of snow last night but most of it was melted by the time we got to the trail. It was so nice to get to have her out and about. The only bad thing is that we only have one week of “normal” life until she gets on the truck to return to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Aunt Lisa Visits

Today Banta turned 15 months old. It is also her last day of confinement from being in season. One of her favorite people came for a visit today, her “Aunt Lisa.” Lisa gave both the girls lots of love and kisses and they really enjoyed it. Banta especially loved playing tug. Tug has been one of the mainstays on helping Banta cope with her confinement of 28 days. Banta is an expert at tug. She uses all of her 56 lbs. to maximum effectiveness. Banta has a head whip that can dislocate you shoulder if you aren’t paying attention. Lisa likes to say that Banta would have no trouble taking care of her young in the wild if she needed to.

What a Night

We had one of those crazy nights that come to puppy raisers every so often. I should have seen at least part of it coming. Casey pooped at about 10 p.m. and then pooped again right before bed. It is unusually for her to poop so close together but I didn’t clue in. Well we all got to bed with the girls sleeping in their usual places at the bottom of our bed. Then about 1 a.m. I heard one of them walking around in the empty kennel. I got up to check what was going on and found Casey wondering around the room and two piles of loose poop in the kennel. I was upset that she didn’t wake me up to take her out but also so glad that she picked the easiest place in the room to clean up. I took her outside to relieve while Bill started on cleaning up the kennel.

After everything was cleaned up I put two and two together and realized that Casey was having a problem. So I grabbed the quilt off the couch and settled down to sleep on the floor by Banta and Casey. About 3 a.m. Casey got up and I woke up to take her out but I wasn’t fast enough. She went straight into the kennel and deposited another load of loose poop! Bill didn’t wake up this time so I was on my own doing the clean-up.

About a half hour later Banta decided to add her part to the fun. But instead of poop she went for the other end of things. When I heard the retching I grabbed the closest thing to keep it off the carpet, my quilt. I yelled for Bill to grab a garbage can but he didn’t make it in time. Banta’s face had the funnest expression on it between the two deposits she made on the quilt. Her stomach was empty of food so it was just a some liquid. When I was sure that she was done. I took the quilt, rinsed it off in the shower downstairs and threw it in the washing machine.

The girls both slept the rest of the night with no more incidents but needless to say I didn’t sleep too well. Waking at the slightest move by either one of them. All in all consider there were three piles of loose poop and two puddles of throw-up the clean-up was about as easy at it comes. Thank goodness I got to sleep in this morning.

Halloween Party

Our ward had their Halloween Party tonight. Banta would have loved to go. I can’t wait until she is free to go out socializing again. Casey handled everything very well. There was tons of stuff going on, including balloons popping across the gym. She got to say high to lots of kids in costume including the one in the photo below who’s nick name is KC. I’m very proud of how good Casey is doing. She was so timid and scared when she first got off the truck. Her world had turned up-side-down. Once she adjusted, with Banta’s help, she was a whole new puppy with plenty of confidence.

Fire Station #120

Tonight Casey and I went to tour a local fire station as part of pack meeting. She was so comfortable on the dog bed that is currently in the back of the car that she didn’t want to get out of the car. Once she got out of the car she did just fine. She got to walk across the grill in the floor under the fire truck several times and handled it fine. Casey got to climb into the fire truck and also the ambulance. She took it all in stride like it was just another trip to the grocery store or the library, which we had stopped by earlier in the day. We also stopped by the city offices today to get her dog license. She is happily snoring away now after an eventful day.

Ear Trouble

Casey has decided that Banta’s ear is the best chew toy. It is rare these days for Banta’s ears not to have slobber on them either wet or dry. I’ve been discouraging it but Banta doesn’t seem to mind so it is hard to catch Casey chewing on them. They seem to be quietly hanging out together and the next thing I know is Casey is at it again. Well today I had already cleaned Banta’s ears off several times when just before Casey and I were ready to head off for puppy class, I was in for a shock. Banta’s ear was bright red. Apparently Casey is in the middle of loosing a tooth and she left behind as much blood as she did dog slobber!

Corn Maze

Tonight we went to the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan for puppy class. All the puppies did very well. They seemed to take walking among all the cornstalks in stride. Every so often Lindsey would have us trade puppies around so the dogs would get use to different handlers. One person said that Casey was the best behaved dog she had handled so far tonight. Casey is exhausted now. She had a full day with a chance to romp in the back yard with Clifford before class and we ran an errand to Sears after class.


Chewing on a Chair

One of Casey’s biggest challenges at this age is learning when she just needs to settle and lay down quietly at our feet when we are out socializing. I think with age she will do better. It also helps when Banta is there to show her by example. Casey went to choir practice with me today and was doing ok but not great. Toward the end I thought she was happily chewing on her nylabone when I looked down again and realized she was actually happily chewing on a wooden chair leg! She managed to put quite a few teeth marks in three sides of the chair leg. I think some sand paper and an appropriate colored marker should make things look pretty good again. They joys of being a puppy raiser!

Puppy Teeth

Casey has been teething for several weeks now. I usually know she is loosing a tooth because Banta has blood on her face, ears or body from Casey. It is surprising how much it shows up on a light colored dog. I have been able to save teeth from both Apex and Banta but I wasn’t sure I would ever find one from Casey. She likes to pick up tiny rocks from the ground so I figured that most of her teeth would end up in her stomach. I’m not willing to go through her poop to get a tooth! Now I actually have two of her teeth. I got the first one yesterday. Casey and I were at a district committee meeting for Boy Scouts and noticed that Casey was interested in something on the floor. I checked it out and yeah it was a tooth! Today 24 hours later I noticed she was chewing on something and it was another tooth. Now I have a matching set.

Today marks one month until Banta returns to GDB. It also marks the 10th day of being in season. 18 more days of confinement. Mostly it hasn’t been too bad but she was bit feisty with Casey a few times today and I had to devise new tactics to keep them apart but let them have some freedom. This evening she has been doing the sit and stare at me thing. I tried everything I could think of, potty break, tug, cuddle time, none of it seemed to work. I tried to get a picture of her with the “stare” but she squints when the flash goes off.