Trip to "Our House"

Our local cub scout pack has a tradition of going to a local nursing home called “Our House” each December to decorate their Christmas tree and sing carols with the residents. As part of my job as the cub scout committee chairman for our pack I go along. So Yakira came with me. We all had a good time singing. One of the boy’s mother is a rather talented piano planner and I put together carol books so we would know the words. The funniest part was when one of our boys picked “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” to sing. I had never really paid attention to the words before. So there we are singing about Grandma being dead with a bunch of old “grandmas”. They seemed to enjoy the song anyway. Maybe they enjoyed the humor of the situation.


Cub Scout Day Camp

Clifford and Waffle near the bottom of the falls at Battle Creek

Today we all went to Cub Scout Day Camp. I’m the Cub Committee Chair for our local pack and as part of that I end up in charge of our annual day camp. As part of camp we drove to Utah county and a beautiful little canyon called Battle Creek. It has a water fall a short hike up the trail that makes a great hike for the boys. Casey had to stay home, of course being in season. But Clifford is staying with us for a few days while the Johnson’s are out of town so he kind of went in her place. The boys loved Clifford especially because they could take turns holding his leash on the hike. When we got to the falls the water flow was much higher than I’ve ever seen it due to the snow pack and the wet spring so we didn’t get to play at the bottom of the falls that we usually do. But we had fun anyway. After the hike both Waffle and Clifford were exhausted and conked out when we got back down the trail.

Waffle and Clifford after the hike

Trip to "Our House"

Our local cub scout pack makes a trip every year to a local nursing home called “Our House” to decorate their Christmas tree and sing a few carols with them. The boys did a great job working together to get the tree done and then we gathered for some singing. One of the boys even played the piano for the residents. That is a first since I have been in cub scouts. Casey did a good job and didn’t even scare anyone. The year I took Apex one of the ladies was deathly afraid of dogs so we had to keep a very low profile.

Casey “helping” to decorate the tree

Fire Station #120

Tonight Casey and I went to tour a local fire station as part of pack meeting. She was so comfortable on the dog bed that is currently in the back of the car that she didn’t want to get out of the car. Once she got out of the car she did just fine. She got to walk across the grill in the floor under the fire truck several times and handled it fine. Casey got to climb into the fire truck and also the ambulance. She took it all in stride like it was just another trip to the grocery store or the library, which we had stopped by earlier in the day. We also stopped by the city offices today to get her dog license. She is happily snoring away now after an eventful day.