Freedom Day

Casey resting her head on Bill’s knee

Waffle resting her head on Casey

We got permission for Casey to be out and about one day early so she could attend a multi-club puppy meeting with our CFR today at the Career and Technology Center. It was so nice to be able to take booth girls out. Lindsey said that she needed to have a bath first to help her not smell so interesting to any intact males. Casey got to meet her brother Crosby after the meeting. As we were chatting with his raisers we found out that Crosby is an ear sucker just like Casey. Isn’t that funny. We talked to Barb about Waffles fear reactions and got permission to start her on food protocol. I’m so glad, I think this will help her immensely.


Dinner at Karen’s

Jacob and the chickens

Today we, (Bill, Waffle and I) went to fellow puppy raisers house for dinner. Casey had to stay home because she still has a few more days on her confinement. The Johnson’s were there too. Karen put this together because the Johnson’s adopted her career changed puppy, Clifford earlier this year. It was a fun evening. Karen’s parents live on a little farm with a big garden and goats and chickens and even a turkey. Danny and Jacob seemed to enjoy the animals. Karen’s neighbor has an emu that we got to say hi too also. Too bad Casey had to miss out. She would have enjoyed it too.

Emu next door
Happy Waffle in Karen’s backyard

Casey Recall Reprieve

Bill with Waffle and Casey

We got news today that Casey will not be returning to Guide Dogs for the Blind on the next truck. They have more dogs in Breeder Evaluations than they need and training needs more dogs. So since Casey was the youngest puppy scheduled to go on the truck and she is in consideration to be a breeder she will not be going back until the next puppy truck to Utah which is expected to be in October. I didn’t see this coming. Casey is ready to go back but we sure will enjoy having her longer. I think for Waffle it would have been better to have a month or so as an only dog before she is transferred but that is not to be. We have canceled Casey’s Farewell party to be rescheduled when we have a new recall date. Another good thing about the change in recall date is that Casey doesn’t have to go back just a few days after she is released from her confinement from being in season.

Casey Dog Day

Casey on 12 August 2010

It was one year ago today that we first met our sweet Casey. It is hard to believe that it has been that long and that in just a fifteen days we will be putting her on the truck to return to Guide Dogs for the Blind. She has grown-up into such a good dog with way more confidence than we thought possible those first few weeks.

Casey on 11 August 2011

Casey Farewell Party

Invite for Casey’s Farewell Party

You are invited to attend an open house in honor of Casey and her upcoming return to Guide Dogs for the Blind
on Sunday, August 21st from 3:oo to 6:00 p.m in the Webster home.

Upon her arrival in San Rafael, Casey will first be evaluated to become a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind. If she is not chosen as a breeder she will start her formal harness training to become a guide dog for a blind or visually impaired person.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Clifford and Waffle near the bottom of the falls at Battle Creek

Today we all went to Cub Scout Day Camp. I’m the Cub Committee Chair for our local pack and as part of that I end up in charge of our annual day camp. As part of camp we drove to Utah county and a beautiful little canyon called Battle Creek. It has a water fall a short hike up the trail that makes a great hike for the boys. Casey had to stay home, of course being in season. But Clifford is staying with us for a few days while the Johnson’s are out of town so he kind of went in her place. The boys loved Clifford especially because they could take turns holding his leash on the hike. When we got to the falls the water flow was much higher than I’ve ever seen it due to the snow pack and the wet spring so we didn’t get to play at the bottom of the falls that we usually do. But we had fun anyway. After the hike both Waffle and Clifford were exhausted and conked out when we got back down the trail.

Waffle and Clifford after the hike

Apex Day 2 August 2008

Apex in August of 2008
It was three years ago today that we first met Apex. We got to pick him up from San Rafael at an annual event at GDB called Fun Days. I fell in love with his sweet little face the moment I saw it and ran to take him out of the presenters arms. We put him in the car a short time later and drove all night back to Utah. Apex hated the drive over Donner Pass. The road was rough and vibrated through the car into the kennel. He did better after we figured that out and put extra padding underneath it. But he certainly kept us awake and he hardly whined in his kennel after we got home.
That day was the start of a marvelous journey and one of the high lights of it is seeing the great partnership that Apex and his handler have together. Raising puppies of GDB has expanded our world to include wonderful people Sue and her family. Apex will always have a special place in our hearts as our very first puppy but we have plenty of room to love lots more of these wonderful puppies. We have learned so much in these past three years and met some amazing dogs and people.