Two Years Ago Today

Beautiful Banta on the fresh green grass
It was two years ago today that we first met Banta. She came off the puppy truck with lots of attitude, ready to go out and explore the whole world. Though she was a challenge at times, there was a moment in those first couple of weeks that I saw a glimpse of the dog she could grow up to be. We so enjoyed her wonderful spirit and we know that you do to. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about the two of you especially on this day. I sent an email to her handler in honor of this day and here is some of what he said about Banta:
She still has the attitude that she probably had coming of the puppy truck. Boy, I am finding out how stubborn she can be. Now most of our challenges have to do with her stubbornness, and what I call retaliation for going where she may not want to go. For example, if she does not want to walk to the grocery store, she will make it a long, slow, and miserable walk. When she wants to work she is a star.  She is very destination oriented, which is good and bad. If we are somewhere new she targets every door she sees. She still makes me laugh when she is happy and jumps off the curb and I can feel her bouncing up and down as she walks. She is a lot of fun to play with, but again only how and when she wants.
It is fun to get news of how she is doing. He really understands that sweet and spicy girl. I’m so glad for the good match they are for each other. They have been working together for about four months now. Time sure goes by fast these days.

Casey Dog Day

Casey on 12 August 2010

It was one year ago today that we first met our sweet Casey. It is hard to believe that it has been that long and that in just a fifteen days we will be putting her on the truck to return to Guide Dogs for the Blind. She has grown-up into such a good dog with way more confidence than we thought possible those first few weeks.

Casey on 11 August 2011

Apex Day 2 August 2008

Apex in August of 2008
It was three years ago today that we first met Apex. We got to pick him up from San Rafael at an annual event at GDB called Fun Days. I fell in love with his sweet little face the moment I saw it and ran to take him out of the presenters arms. We put him in the car a short time later and drove all night back to Utah. Apex hated the drive over Donner Pass. The road was rough and vibrated through the car into the kennel. He did better after we figured that out and put extra padding underneath it. But he certainly kept us awake and he hardly whined in his kennel after we got home.
That day was the start of a marvelous journey and one of the high lights of it is seeing the great partnership that Apex and his handler have together. Raising puppies of GDB has expanded our world to include wonderful people Sue and her family. Apex will always have a special place in our hearts as our very first puppy but we have plenty of room to love lots more of these wonderful puppies. We have learned so much in these past three years and met some amazing dogs and people.

Waffle Arrives!

Waffle, in Bill’s arms, just off the puppy truck

Puppy #4 arrived today at 1:00 p.m. and she has the cutest face. She is a nice temperament with enough confidence but not overly bold and dominate. Several people at the puppy truck said that we won the name lottery with Waffle. I think it seems to suit her just fine. We are looking forward to getting to know her and getting those first adjustments to house living under our belts. Sleeping through the night being one of those milestones.

Waffle a few minutes later