Family Tree: 50 family trees

Looking from some interesting and decorative family tree? The Paper Tree at might be just what you are looking for. They have several family trees that you can order printed copies of plus they have a CD you can order with 50 family tree images that you can print your self or take to your local print shop.

8 generation fan chart from


Family Tree: Metro Map Style

If My Family Was a Metro System by Colville-Andersen

Here is an interesting variation on how to represent your family tree. I love the idea! Here is what the creator said about this project:

So I was thinking. What if my massive family was a metropolitan transit system? What would the map look like? Well… here it is.

Family trees are a tricky thing to make. They have a specific structure that is difficult to avoid. It took a good 16 hours to finish this design. Most of it was spent working out the system of how to represent the different lines – as well as the many quirky variations like different dads for two kids from the same mum, etc.

The symbolism is interesting and I haven’t figure what all of it means yet but it is a brilliant infographic on a very complex family structure. Many family structures are not straight forward and simple and I really like this solution. How would your family metro map look?

Family Tree: word art family tree

personalized family tree art by KinAndCaboodle on

Love this family tree made up of names. KinAndCaboodle on will custom make one just for your family or if you have the right skills you could probably create your own, it should be doable in software like Adobe InDesign. I want to try this sometime, partly because I’ve never done anything like this before. If you are in the market for a word art style family tree check out KinAndCaboodle they have several styles to choose from.


Family Tree: Faux Embroidery


Faux Embroidery Family Tree from

Here is a light-hearted family tree that many a grandma would love, featuring all of her grankids. Instead of doing the traditional and time intensive embroidery that the pattern (see below) was designed for, Polly used what she calls a faux embroidery technique using crayons instead of thread to add color to the design. Great idea for today’s busy lifestyles. Click on the image above for Polly’s tutorial.

Our Family Tree pattern from


Family Tree: tag album


tag album by Karin van Dalen

Here is another way to represent your family tree, this time in an album. I really like the idea of having a tag for each person with a photo and some information. The album Karin used is very cool because you can take the tags out and then easily return them. I did some research to figure out where to get that kind of album but I struck out. Karin’s website is and I found the project under her workshop section but even after translation there isn’t enough information to figure out the album. If anyone has seen as album similar to the one above I’d love to know for future reference. Even so I think it is a great idea that is adaptable to available supplies.

Family Tree: 8×10 Photo Pedigree Chart Template

blank 8x10 photo pedigreeAs promised here is a link to the InDesign CS6 template for my 8×10 photo pedigree. (Remember that the template file in Dropbox will look really strange but if you save it and open it in InDesign it will look right there.) Feel free to use the template for personal use or gifts. If you’re not an InDesign user, I’ve open an Etsy shop focused on products for puppy raisers and service dog handlers called The Salty Pup Shop. I’ve got both the 8×10 and the 4×12 photo pedigrees available there as custom items. Proceeds from the shop go to paying for the costs of raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Family Tree: 8×10 Photo Pedigree Chart

Banta 8x10 photo pedigree

I’ve really had lots of fun doing photo pedigree charts for pups. When I looked into having the 4×12 panoramic printed, I realized that not everywhere prints that size. So I changed things up and designed an 8×10 version because it is also super easy to find an 8×10 frame too. I really like this size. I’ll post the InDesign template for this tomorrow.

Yes, Banta has the same grandpa on both sides. When I first found that out I thought it must be a mistake but they sometimes do that in dog breeding. Kentucky was a very successful stud. I’m sure they were hoping that Banta or one of her littermates would be a breeder. Banta was selected for breeding but she was just too much to handling and she didn’t like having her blood drawn or the other things that female breeders have to go through so she was released by the breeding department after a week. Also as you can see I don’t have photos of Kentucky’s parents yet.

Family Tree: family reunion thumbprint tree


Family Tree with Thumbprints by Elisabeth Ventling

We are planning a family reunion this summer and I think we should do a thumbprint tree like the one above available in the ElisabethVentlingArt shop on Etsy. While not a tradition family tree showing relationships of one member to another, this kind of tree captures those who are there at the family reunion. It seems like young and old alike would enjoy putting their mark on the tree. Have you ever done a thumbprint tree?

Family Tree:

Just came across this great resource, They have tons of kinds of family trees in pdf format, free to download, print and fill out. Some of them are also available in DOC format for $4 that you can edit and then print. There is an amazing variety from simple two generation charts to 10 generations, with graphics and without graphics, simple fancy etc. etc. Here a just a couple of samples. Click on over and check it out.

7 generation radial family tree

family tree coloring page

family migration chart

Family Tree: Hand Drawn Pedigrees

family tree drawn by Marie Lynskey

In my research on family trees I came across Marie Lynskey, a calligrapher who will draw a beautiful family tree for you. She has also written a book “Family Trees: A Manual for Their Design, Layout & Display” available on Amazon. Here are a few more samples of her work. Happily Marie is available to put her talents to work for your family tree.