Family Tree:

Just came across this great resource, They have tons of kinds of family trees in pdf format, free to download, print and fill out. Some of them are also available in DOC format for $4 that you can edit and then print. There is an amazing variety from simple two generation charts to 10 generations, with graphics and without graphics, simple fancy etc. etc. Here a just a couple of samples. Click on over and check it out.

7 generation radial family tree

family tree coloring page

family migration chart

Year in Review & New Year’s Resolutions for Kids (and adults)


I came across this great printable today from Thirty Hand Made Days. It is a great way to record some of the basics about a child’s likes and life experience and hopes for the coming year. The real power comes from doing this year after year and Mique does an updated version each year. What a wonderful record of the growing and maturing that little snap shot will make. I also think this could be easily adapt to adults. In fact she has one! (see below). Click on the photos to get the free printable files