trust 1Inspired by my friend Shannon Christensen, I decided to pick a word as a kind of theme/resolution for 2015. After some contemplation I decided on trust. Trust in the Lord. Trust in his guidance. Trust in my ability to understand that guidance. Trust that I’m on the right path. Trust in my skills. Trust that if I follow my plan, I’ll get the things that are important done. Trust in reaching out to others and building relationships. Trust in the future, etc. etc.

I’ve never tried picking a single word for the year but I like it. I’m looking for a song to go with my word. If you have suggestions let me know. Do you do goals or resolutions?


Year in Review & New Year’s Resolutions for Kids (and adults)


I came across this great printable today from Thirty Hand Made Days. It is a great way to record some of the basics about a child’s likes and life experience and hopes for the coming year. The real power comes from doing this year after year and Mique does an updated version each year. What a wonderful record of the growing and maturing that little snap shot will make. I also think this could be easily adapt to adults. In fact she has one! (see below). Click on the photos to get the free printable files


Joy Jar

P10402842013 is over and while I haven’t posted a Joy Jar list for several weeks, I wanted to do one last list to finish off the year.

  • sky ready to glue
  • heated mattress pad
  • A to Z book
  • warm day
  • good night sleep
  • music
  • Gandy’s foot better
  • feeling better
  • ordering new Crocs
  • signing in choir
  • Bill’s birthday gathering
  • an extra hour
  • hair cut
  • sleep
  • lovely day
  • sleeping pups
  • pain killer
  • cough drops
  • cough medicine
  • data plan
  • ice cream
  • chocolate
  • family & Christmas
  • my new printer
  • Snoopy finished
  • finishing Emma’s blanket
  • Dune growing up
  • audio books
  • lights
  • Bill’s help
  • clean air
  • Pinterest
  • Nature Club
  • Primary Program
  • yarn
  • Dune and Emma romping with Lotus and Maybe
  • sunshine and blue skies
  • Emma having well-formed poop
  • Bill’s help
  • help for Gandy’s foot
  • seeing “Day of the Doctor” with Bill
  • Dune
  • my sister
  • Christmas treats
  • finding chipboard
  • warm slippers
  • wire binder
  • new phone
  • friends
  • Emma
  • silly girls
  • Christmas decorations
  • quilt finished
  • a new start
  • Jeremy clearing our sidewalk
  • help of friends
  • fresh snow
  • my “wall”
  • sky board cut
  • 7-up floats
  • visiting another Primary with Dune and Emma
  • printer working smoothly
  • inspiration
  • Emma having well-formed poop
  • Bountiful Baskets
  • ice cream
  • Blue Skies
  • fresh produce
  • Gandy’s foot improving
  • whipped cream
  • family
  • my nieces
  • fruits and veggies
  • color
  • smart phone
  • Gas Buddy app
  • audio books
  • blackberries
  • Gandy
  • Christmas Gifts finished
  • Gandy sleeping on my computer
  • internet access
  • music
  • Dune’s one year birthday
  • clear head
  • having an appetite
  • graham crackers
  • candy window done
  • hot chocolate
  • finding storm glass ornaments
  • videos of Zodiac
  • Banta stories
  • continuous ink supply
  • finding a “Z” ornament
  • Lime pie
  • wireless keyboard and mouse
  • snuggling with the girls
  • warm slippers
  • Christmas songs
  • puppies
  • a new year coming

It is kind of hard to comprehend that 2013 is gone. It has been a good year with plenty of challenges. I’ve learned much but have so much more to learn. Here is to a great year ahead!

Joy Jar

P1040284The big events of the past two weeks have to do with Yakira. It was great having time with her and getting Yakira to her new home in Florida.

  • getting life in order again
  • Reid’s help with the water heater
  • Dale’s help with the water heater
  • new water heater
  • new week
  • health certificate for Yakira to Florida
  • cuddling with Yakira
  • apple squares
  • Yakira coming
  • Karen’s photos of Yakira
  • Monday with Yakira
  • safe travels
  • dogs in costumes
  • Yakira safe in Florida
  • Dune’s eval
  • getting Christmas tree permit
  • the grey truck
  • Dune back home
  • new cell phone plan
  • cleaning out garden for the winter
  • autumn colors
  • sunshine
  • happy pups
  • naps
  • our three girls – Yakira, Dune & Emma
  • Martha’s help with Yakira
  • getting plans in place with Yakira
  • GDB’s help with getting Yakira to Florida
  • the sun
  • seeing Yakira
  • Yakira happily in Florida
  • finishing my Wood Badge goals

Joy Jar

P1040284It is amazing how one little change in my life can thow me off kilter. It didn’t even wait until Emma arrived, just news of her arrival. Well she is 16 weeks old and six weeks have gone by since her arrival, so I’m trying to repent and get back on my goal of weekly Joy Jar postings. I haven’t just missed my weekly postings, I’ve been missing my nightly writing too. It isn’t that my life hasn’t had joy, I’ve just been procrastinating, I guess. But I don’t want to give up on my goal to fill my jar with joy each week through the year, so I’ve got to jump back in and fill in the best I can. So here is seven weeks of joy as best I can remember.

  • going to the state fair
  • a new leather belt
  • seeing a King Fisher
  • photos of Zodiac
  • new printer
  • blue skies
  • my continuous ink supply system
  • story prompts
  • printing on chipboard
  • super price for my printer
  • finishing walking the Jordan River Parkway Trail
  • starting up “Nature Club”
  • getting an “E” pup
  • cute Emma
  • photos of Banta
  • smart Emma
  • Book Club
  • planning with Karen
  • family time
  • sleeping through the night
  • autumn
  • no accidents
  • chatting with K & R
  • going to Tarzan
  • singing
  • sharing Emma
  • General Conference
  • Snoopy’s doghouse done
  • Bill’s help with the candy window
  • Sunday afternoon naps
  • getting a photo of Zulu (Zodiac’s sister)
  • my old printer lasting until I got the new printer
  • Dune off house arrest
  • Dune on a better relieving schedule
  • finding a great place for Yakira
  • no nighttime potty runs
  • good poop from Emma
  • warm autumn days
  • walks with Dune and Emma
  • Dune and Emma playing together
  • snuggling with puppies

The Struggle is Part of the Story

by Whitney of

I came across this quote recently and it resonated with me on so many level. I love it for applying in my personal life and in telling the stories of my life and my family and my ancestors. Life isn’t meant to be smooth sailing, even thought we think it is. We learn and grow so much because of the struggles, be they small or monumental. I also love this quote on a visual level too. Great job all around Whitney!

In Whitney’s original post she listed six main points that help her keep a good attitude in the struggle:

  • you’ve got to find gratitude
  • stop searching for happiness
  • have faith, take heart, choose courage
  • let it go
  • don’t be afraid to hope for better
  • hope does not disappoint

You can find her entire post here.

Never Good Enough

My niece, Kimberli shared this on Facebook and I thought it is very applicable to me and probably to most of us. It certainly applies to story projects and sharing them with family, friends and the world. It only takes two minutes to read just follow the link below.

Never Good Enough

I really like Noah’s attitude. Even though it isn’t perfect it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share it or enjoy the process.

Joy Jar

  • P1040284
  • French toast
  • Jordan River trail
  • cooler temperatures
  • rain
  • Bill’s working getting a new contract
  • Zodiac officially being a guide dog
  • hanging out with Tricia
  • finally getting a confirmation code for Amazon search inside
  • walking along the Jordan River
  • the internet
  • chatting with Karen
  • sleep
  • Dune
  • learning new things
  • finishing Zodiac’s book
  • Dune maturing
  • finding my map
  • getting my candy window started
  • photos of Zodiac and David
  • cooler summer evenings
  • Karen’s help with Facebook
  • strawberries and yogurt

Joy Jar

P1040284This is two week’s worth of joy with last week’s highlight seeing Zodiac and this week’s having Zodiac doing in-home training! Yeah Zodiac!

  • getting the house back in order
  • time with Zodiac
  • cuddling with pups
  • Zodiac’s big paws
  • Zulu chosen as a breeder
  • feeling better
  • email from Yakira
  • raising puppies
  • getting life in order
  • “chatting” with Toni about Zodiac
  • helping Santini get home
  • raisers workshop
  • M & M’s
  • info on the internet
  • good friends
  • Skittles
  • help with rocket launchers
  • Dune and Zodiac playing together
  • Zenith in class
  • safe travels
  • seeing Zodiac
  • Zodiac doing in-home training
  • successful church BBQ
  • soft Kleenex
  • fresh from the garden tomatoes
  • contact with Zodiac
  • feeling better
  • sleep & naps
  • candy window progress
  • “E” pup
  • Dune growing up



Joy Jar

P1040284We all survived Girls Camp! What a week, I’m exhausted but glad to have had a successful camp with no major problems.

  • strong men to set up the big tents at camp
  • canoeing
  • having Bill at camp
  • Dune at camp
  • sitting by the fire after dark
  • eating licorice
  • a hummingbird
  • quakies in the breeze
  • seeing a moose
  • good food
  • being in nature
  • willing girls
  • getting some sleep
  • hope in Christ
  • a kind word
  • the support of friends
  • good weather
  • being done with camp
  • taking a shower
  • hot water
  • modern conviences
  • my own bed
  • sleep
  • email from Banta and Yakira