Joy Jar

P1040284This is two week’s worth of joy with last week’s highlight seeing Zodiac and this week’s having Zodiac doing in-home training! Yeah Zodiac!

  • getting the house back in order
  • time with Zodiac
  • cuddling with pups
  • Zodiac’s big paws
  • Zulu chosen as a breeder
  • feeling better
  • email from Yakira
  • raising puppies
  • getting life in order
  • “chatting” with Toni about Zodiac
  • helping Santini get home
  • raisers workshop
  • M & M’s
  • info on the internet
  • good friends
  • Skittles
  • help with rocket launchers
  • Dune and Zodiac playing together
  • Zenith in class
  • safe travels
  • seeing Zodiac
  • Zodiac doing in-home training
  • successful church BBQ
  • soft Kleenex
  • fresh from the garden tomatoes
  • contact with Zodiac
  • feeling better
  • sleep & naps
  • candy window progress
  • “E” pup
  • Dune growing up




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