Zodiac Book – Zoom

Not surprisingly Zodiac loves to zoom around our back yard. We usually keep a Jolly Ball out there and his favorite game is to grab the ball and run from one end of the yard to the other as fast as he can. Once his mouth got big enough he started carrying it around by the ball and not by the rope. He has to crush the stiff plastic with his teeth to do it, but he is plenty strong enough. While he loves to run he isn’t the fastest dog around. He is built more for sturdiness than for speed. I love watching him run happily in the back yard.


2 thoughts on “Zodiac Book – Zoom

  1. Your “other son” does the same with the his jolly ball…almost tripping over the rope too…it must be a “lab thing” just like those loops they do – you know the one that resembles an out of control spinning top or a dog chasing it’s tail…

    • Yep, you got to love the labby things. Since Apex and Zodiac have Dad/Grandpa Bond in common it is even more likely that they have common traits. I remember that Apex really loved to chase his tail. Sounds like he still does. Zodiac is more of a zigzag labby looper when his inside. But the running with the Jolly Ball it sounds like they got that one nailed.

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