At the beginning

I thought this post about beginning a project was very applicable to doing a story project. I like to see how others tackle projects and find ways to get things done amidst their many life demands.

Swoon Now

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I take a look at my big project (Operation Launch Business by October 1- woot!), I find myself dabbling, in the brief scattershot moments of time that I do have, in work related to the project.  It’s not for lack of desire but for direction! I usually end up not using my rare free time effectively.  That’s the case with most of us, I know.  But if you’re a full-time parent, you must be using the short bursts of time you have (for whatever you want to do) in the best way possible.  I took time yesterday to organize my thoughts and outline an actual time line for my work.  I love learning others’ best practices so I thought I’d share what I did here, in case it might help you-

  1. Location: I went to the Durham Public Library…

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