Joy Jar

P1040284We all survived Girls Camp! What a week, I’m exhausted but glad to have had a successful camp with no major problems.

  • strong men to set up the big tents at camp
  • canoeing
  • having Bill at camp
  • Dune at camp
  • sitting by the fire after dark
  • eating licorice
  • a hummingbird
  • quakies in the breeze
  • seeing a moose
  • good food
  • being in nature
  • willing girls
  • getting some sleep
  • hope in Christ
  • a kind word
  • the support of friends
  • good weather
  • being done with camp
  • taking a shower
  • hot water
  • modern conviences
  • my own bed
  • sleep
  • email from Banta and Yakira

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