Pupdate – Zodiac

As I prepared myself for Zodiac to be listed in phase 6 again this week. I was hoping for phase 7. Chances are next week he will be in phase 8. Zenith is in phase 8 and my friend’s puppy who was on the June recall has caught up to phase 6. Way to go Nairobi! We didn’t have good cell service at girls camp and so I didn’t get the news on the phase report until we came down from the mountain.

Though Zodiac has always been cute with maturing he now has a certain presence when he wants to, maybe even a little Zeus like in his demeanor. Zodiac started to show signs of maturing at the year mark but it really started to accelerate when he turned 14 months old.

Since he was about 9 months old we have been going to the local grade school a couple of times a week to listen to kids read. Zodiac has always been attracted to kids and their happy energy. But with his maturing he can now sit calmly in the hall and watch hundreds of kids walk by. I’m so proud of him. He is really grown-up.


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