Joy Jar

P1040284The big events of the past two weeks have to do with Yakira. It was great having time with her and getting Yakira to her new home in Florida.

  • getting life in order again
  • Reid’s help with the water heater
  • Dale’s help with the water heater
  • new water heater
  • new week
  • health certificate for Yakira to Florida
  • cuddling with Yakira
  • apple squares
  • Yakira coming
  • Karen’s photos of Yakira
  • Monday with Yakira
  • safe travels
  • dogs in costumes
  • Yakira safe in Florida
  • Dune’s eval
  • getting Christmas tree permit
  • the grey truck
  • Dune back home
  • new cell phone plan
  • cleaning out garden for the winter
  • autumn colors
  • sunshine
  • happy pups
  • naps
  • our three girls – Yakira, Dune & Emma
  • Martha’s help with Yakira
  • getting plans in place with Yakira
  • GDB’s help with getting Yakira to Florida
  • the sun
  • seeing Yakira
  • Yakira happily in Florida
  • finishing my Wood Badge goals

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