Puppy Teeth

Casey has been teething for several weeks now. I usually know she is loosing a tooth because Banta has blood on her face, ears or body from Casey. It is surprising how much it shows up on a light colored dog. I have been able to save teeth from both Apex and Banta but I wasn’t sure I would ever find one from Casey. She likes to pick up tiny rocks from the ground so I figured that most of her teeth would end up in her stomach. I’m not willing to go through her poop to get a tooth! Now I actually have two of her teeth. I got the first one yesterday. Casey and I were at a district committee meeting for Boy Scouts and noticed that Casey was interested in something on the floor. I checked it out and yeah it was a tooth! Today 24 hours later I noticed she was chewing on something and it was another tooth. Now I have a matching set.

Today marks one month until Banta returns to GDB. It also marks the 10th day of being in season. 18 more days of confinement. Mostly it hasn’t been too bad but she was bit feisty with Casey a few times today and I had to devise new tactics to keep them apart but let them have some freedom. This evening she has been doing the sit and stare at me thing. I tried everything I could think of, potty break, tug, cuddle time, none of it seemed to work. I tried to get a picture of her with the “stare” but she squints when the flash goes off.

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