Downtown Library

We met in the downtown Salt Lake Library for puppy class tonight. Our club has two new cute little lab boys. Phoenix is a chubby little yellow lab, who is very mellow. Langley is a little black lab boy who as you can see from the photo is very relaxed, Casey has been struggling with another bout of diarrhea for the last couple of days and working on the go to bed command was too much for her system. She pooped in the room were we were meeting and then again on the stone floor as he was taking her outside to relieve. Lindsey said it is time to put her on Tylan Powder to prevent further bouts of diarrhea so we will be heading to the vet later this week.



What a Night

We had one of those crazy nights that come to puppy raisers every so often. I should have seen at least part of it coming. Casey pooped at about 10 p.m. and then pooped again right before bed. It is unusually for her to poop so close together but I didn’t clue in. Well we all got to bed with the girls sleeping in their usual places at the bottom of our bed. Then about 1 a.m. I heard one of them walking around in the empty kennel. I got up to check what was going on and found Casey wondering around the room and two piles of loose poop in the kennel. I was upset that she didn’t wake me up to take her out but also so glad that she picked the easiest place in the room to clean up. I took her outside to relieve while Bill started on cleaning up the kennel.

After everything was cleaned up I put two and two together and realized that Casey was having a problem. So I grabbed the quilt off the couch and settled down to sleep on the floor by Banta and Casey. About 3 a.m. Casey got up and I woke up to take her out but I wasn’t fast enough. She went straight into the kennel and deposited another load of loose poop! Bill didn’t wake up this time so I was on my own doing the clean-up.

About a half hour later Banta decided to add her part to the fun. But instead of poop she went for the other end of things. When I heard the retching I grabbed the closest thing to keep it off the carpet, my quilt. I yelled for Bill to grab a garbage can but he didn’t make it in time. Banta’s face had the funnest expression on it between the two deposits she made on the quilt. Her stomach was empty of food so it was just a some liquid. When I was sure that she was done. I took the quilt, rinsed it off in the shower downstairs and threw it in the washing machine.

The girls both slept the rest of the night with no more incidents but needless to say I didn’t sleep too well. Waking at the slightest move by either one of them. All in all consider there were three piles of loose poop and two puddles of throw-up the clean-up was about as easy at it comes. Thank goodness I got to sleep in this morning.

Puppy Food

Banta and Casey love their food like most of these lab pups. Casey has had some diarrhea issues and is currently eating a combination of Science Diet i/d and Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food. She has been eating Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy food since she started eating solid food at GDB. She never had really normal firm poop since she came to us in August and then it all got worse a few weeks ago. So we decided to try a new food. She does just fine on the i/d food which is kind of the equivalent of chicken and rice. My theory is that she has trouble with wheat and Eukanuba has no wheat so that is what we are switching to. We are taking the switch really, really slow. Today she got 1 cup of the i/d and 1/2 cup of Eukanuba at each meal. We will keep her at that level until we are really sure that she is handling that fine then we will move to equal parts of each food. If all goes well she will be eating just Eukanuba and have well formed poop in just a week or two.

i/d food

We have been having adventures with diarrhea for the last several days. It started with Casey and then Banta joined in too. So today we all took a trip to the vet for meds and a bag of Science Diet i/d food. Keeping two dogs feed chicken and rice is very time consuming. As you can see from the photo below Casey thinks the i/d is great tasting stuff. They both gobbled it down in the usual labby style. I was a bit concerned about how to get their pills down them. With our pet dog I would wrap it in peanut butter or cream cheese and it was no problem. But with puppies in training that isn’t really appropriate. But it ended up being rather easy. They happily gobbled it up with their food. I was afraid they would taste it and spit the pills back out.