Puppy Food

Banta and Casey love their food like most of these lab pups. Casey has had some diarrhea issues and is currently eating a combination of Science Diet i/d and Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food. She has been eating Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy food since she started eating solid food at GDB. She never had really normal firm poop since she came to us in August and then it all got worse a few weeks ago. So we decided to try a new food. She does just fine on the i/d food which is kind of the equivalent of chicken and rice. My theory is that she has trouble with wheat and Eukanuba has no wheat so that is what we are switching to. We are taking the switch really, really slow. Today she got 1 cup of the i/d and 1/2 cup of Eukanuba at each meal. We will keep her at that level until we are really sure that she is handling that fine then we will move to equal parts of each food. If all goes well she will be eating just Eukanuba and have well formed poop in just a week or two.