Little Langley

Langley & Casey sharing a nylabone ring

We are puppy sitting a cute little puppy for the Thanksgiving holiday. Langley (black lab male) arrived this afternoon. He was originally going to come tomorrow but his raiser wanted to get out of town before the storm hit so she dropped him off this afternoon. I think he is about 13 weeks old. He came on the last puppy truck a couple of weeks ago. He is really a good boy. He is doing great on his house breaking but has some trouble with barking. Sometimes he has the cutest way of grumble barking when he doesn’t like how things are going. I’m sure that he will grow out of this. He was sick with diarrhea last week so he is still on antibiotics. I put the pills in his food but he proceeded to eat around them. I had to resort to shoving them down his throat which he didn’t like at all.

Casey & Langley sharing the dog bed

Casey and Langley are so cute together. It brings back so many memories of when Casey was this age and Banta was the mentor dog. Casey learned well from Banta and she is doing so good with him. Though she has been a bit of a momma’s girl. She is usually quite independent but she has been following me around.

Downtown Library

We met in the downtown Salt Lake Library for puppy class tonight. Our club has two new cute little lab boys. Phoenix is a chubby little yellow lab, who is very mellow. Langley is a little black lab boy who as you can see from the photo is very relaxed, Casey has been struggling with another bout of diarrhea for the last couple of days and working on the go to bed command was too much for her system. She pooped in the room were we were meeting and then again on the stone floor as he was taking her outside to relieve. Lindsey said it is time to put her on Tylan Powder to prevent further bouts of diarrhea so we will be heading to the vet later this week.