50 Button Crafts: idea #33 – button spiders

buttons spiders from bethapalooze

Got a box or jar full of buttons carefully saved by your mother or grandmother? For 2015 I’m in search of great ways to put those buttons to use. Here is this week’s idea:

I know Halloween is still almost two months away but this little button spiders caught my eye today and I couldn’t resist. I’m actually afraid of spiders. Not so bad that I can’t function around them as long as I know exactly where they are and there is no danger of them ending up on me. But if you are having a family gathering for Halloween, these would be so much fun for the kids to make or you could put together a kit and send them off to far away families. You could also make some up and add a pin on the back and send them as gifts. It would be especially fun if your family has stories or traditions centered around Halloween or spiders. We lived next to a sugar cane field when I was little and the cane spiders made an indelible impression on me. These little button spiders would be a fun way to share memories of those times.

It would be a good idea to document where the buttons for your project came from and any relevant stories or information about that person or family. If you are looking for more button crafts, check out my Pinterest board.


50 Jar Gifts: idea #38 – Pumpkins

Pick of the Patch Fall Mason Jar Gift from shakentogetherlife.com

Here are several great ways to share the “pumpkin” spirit this fall. Do you have memories of your grandfather’s pumpkin patch, or going to the local farmer to find just the perfect pumpkin. Chances are your family has some tradition that revolves around pumpkins either as jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin pies. Any of these ideas gives you the perfect opportunity to share those memories or even make some new ones.

pie in a jar from thenerdswife.com

pumpkin mason jars from the36thavenue.com

mason jar lid pumpkin from thecountrycook.net

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos39

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.

50 Jar Gifts: idea #36 – candy corn jars

candy corn jars from brit.co

Not everyone loves candy corns but I do. Then I love most candy. But candy corns have been around for a long, long time so chances are you have some memories, stories or family tradition associated with candy corns. This idea for decorating jars with balloons surprised me. I have never thought of “wrapping” something with a balloon like this. It looks easy and with very little mess, especially compared to using paint. What great conversation started for childhood memories of candy corns. Of course you will need some candy corns on hand to munch on while you reminisce.

image from brit.co

Brit+Co has an easy step by step tutorial here. Just scroll down a bit to get to it. I wonder how it would work to flip the jars over and stuff a string of white lights in them? I bet they would look awesome by our front door on Halloween night. I might just have to pick up some balloons and try this out.

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos37

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50 Jar Gifts: idea #31 – slime

glitter slime monsters from the36thavenue.com

When my nieces where growing up we had a tradition of getting together for a Halloween party each year. This was partly motivated by one of my sister’s wish to greatly limit the amount of candy her girls ate. But it was lots of fun. I know they would have loved these cute glitter slime monsters. Even though they are grown-up now they might still have fun with them. A family party with a Halloween theme is a great time to share childhood memories of Halloween.

I spent most of my growing-up years in Rexburg where it wasn’t uncommon to have snow for Halloween. You had to plan your costume for warmth as well as looks. The last few years we have done costumes for our puppies in training. We have a Guide Dogs for the Blind Halloween party that includes a costume contest. The best costume we have done so far was the three of us dressed up as M&M. Still have to figure out what we will do for this year with Fable.

glow-in-the-dark slime by apumpkinandaprincess.com

There are lots more slime recipes out there. All would be great with the monster packaging above or just straight in the bottles. The edible slimes sound especially interesting. I hope I find some time to try this out. Click on the image below for a great guide to everything slime.

The Ultimate Guide to Slimes by funathomewithkids.com

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos32

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50 Jar Gifts: idea #25 – Jack-O-Lantern Jar

jar-o-lanters from Southern Living

With September here and summer officially over with the passing of Labor Day, I’m sure that Halloween will be just around the corner. I so want to make some of these Jack-O-Lantern jars. They would look great on my front porch to welcome trick or treators. The jars could also create a great opportunity to share stories of your own childhood Halloween traditions or a fun Halloween story from an ancestor. These are simple enough to make that you could gather some of the younger family members and have some fun making them together. Start saving empty jars and try this out. Click the image above for directions. Here are a few more Halloween inspired jar ideas.

from notsoidlehands.com

frosted glass jars from creatinglaura.com

from gleefulthings.com

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos26

Want some more ideas? Visit my Pinterest board dedicated to jar gift ideas.

20% off Blurb

I got an email this morning that blurb has a 20% discount through November 5th in honor of Halloween. There are no minimum purchases so this is a great opportunity to get a single book printed and a great price. I wish I could get my Waffle Book ready by then but that isn’t very likely. Maybe I’ve got another project that needs printing. I’ll have to give it some thought.

To get the discount just type in SPOOKY at checkout*

While we are on the subject of blurb and Halloween here are some previews of books published on blurb that are in the spirit of the day.

Ghosts of the Faithful Departed

Bodie – A Ghost Town Frozen in Time

Scary Boy

Thanks to IndieReader.com for this recommendations.


*Offer valid through November 5, 2012 (11:59 p.m. local time). A 20% discount is applied toward your product total. Maximum discount is USD $150, GBP £95, EUR €115, CAD $150, or AUD $150 off product total. Valid for printed books only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.



The M&M’s

Raelyn, Bill and Zodiac – the M&M’s

This year for Halloween we decided to dress up as M&M’s. We had a church party last night and a Guide Dogs for the Blind party today. It has been several years since we made costumes for Halloween. I was an original M&M, Bill a peanut M&M and Zodiac was a mini M&M. I bought M&M’s to hand out to trick or treaters next week. I thought it would be fun to answer the door in our costumes. Today’s party we took brownies with lots of M&M’s stirred into the batter instead of chocolate chips. Zodiac did good and both parties and doesn’t seem to mind his costume at all. We took third place in one of the categories of the costume contest and one a new leather leash.

Bill, Zodiac and Raelyn walking the red carpet at the GDB Halloween Party
photo from Karen Fuller

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?


Yakira in her Halloween costume

Last year we had Banta’s farewell party on Halloween so I made a couple of orange and black ruffles to go around their necks to celebrate the season. So this year I pulled one out to put on Yakira for the day. It was big but it worked fine anyway. We set up a couple of x-pen panels so she couldn’t get to the door when the trick or treaters came. She so enjoyed waiting there to see the kids come by. Yakira got lots of “oh how cute” comments from the kids. It was a fun evening.

Halloween Party

Our ward had their Halloween Party tonight. Banta would have loved to go. I can’t wait until she is free to go out socializing again. Casey handled everything very well. There was tons of stuff going on, including balloons popping across the gym. She got to say high to lots of kids in costume including the one in the photo below who’s nick name is KC. I’m very proud of how good Casey is doing. She was so timid and scared when she first got off the truck. Her world had turned up-side-down. Once she adjusted, with Banta’s help, she was a whole new puppy with plenty of confidence.