Yakira Book – Yiddish

I figure Yakira might be a bit Yiddish because her name is Hebrew and her mother came from to Guide Dogs for the Blind from a school in Holland.  I know it is a stretch but because I’m working with “y” words I was a bit liberal.


Waffle Book – Woeful

Have you ever seen a sadder looking face. Waffle has a way of using her favorite “woe is me” look to get strangers to talk to her. With her pouty lower lip and her long coppery red eyelashes and her sad puppy dog eyes she knows how to look pathetic. It is kind of funny because she is actually a very happy go lucky kind of pup other than not always being sure about new or different situations.


Waffle Book – Wild

Like most labs, Waffle has moments of wildly racing through the house. She has one funny habit. She is a toy collector. There is a spot in the living room that she likes to collect most of the dog toys. And her favorite thing is to have two toys at once. One to chew on and another toy underneath to hold the toy up to make it easier to reach.

Waffle Book – Warm-hearted

Waffle has a kind heart deep inside. Sometimes her excitement can hide that tender side. She has grown-up with another puppy in training, Casey. They snuggle together every night and sometime when they are hanging out at a meeting. Waffle likes to snuggle up beside us when we sit on the floor.

We took her to the State Fair and she was really interested in all the animals. She was very gentle and the animals were very interested in her too.

The M&M’s

Raelyn, Bill and Zodiac – the M&M’s

This year for Halloween we decided to dress up as M&M’s. We had a church party last night and a Guide Dogs for the Blind party today. It has been several years since we made costumes for Halloween. I was an original M&M, Bill a peanut M&M and Zodiac was a mini M&M. I bought M&M’s to hand out to trick or treaters next week. I thought it would be fun to answer the door in our costumes. Today’s party we took brownies with lots of M&M’s stirred into the batter instead of chocolate chips. Zodiac did good and both parties and doesn’t seem to mind his costume at all. We took third place in one of the categories of the costume contest and one a new leather leash.

Bill, Zodiac and Raelyn walking the red carpet at the GDB Halloween Party
photo from Karen Fuller

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?