Waffle Book – addition

Below are the additional pages I added to Waffle’s book to include her time in the high school program.  The first thing I did was to rework the Claraliz page to include the basics of what happened to Waffle after her transfer. Then I all the photos that Claraliz sent me plus a few of my own from Waffle’s first birthday visit and the five days she came for an evaluation. The bit of text on these pages is based on an email that Claraliz sent me when I asked her for memories and stories of Waffle. I ordered the book today, taking advantage of Blurb’s 25% discount code. I’ll be sending this book to Waffle’s new partner for Christmas. I hope she enjoys getting to know more about Waffle’s growing up time.

On September 30, 2011 Waffle was transferred to Claraliz Fernandez to finish raising. She was part of the Salt Lake Tech Guide Dog class for high school students. The students work hard in this class and have to attend for a year before they can get the opportunity to raise a puppy. Waffle remained with Claraliz and was apart of her life and family though out the school year.

Then in July of 2012, it was determined that Waffle wouldn’t be happy being a guide dog. She was evaluated to be a K9 buddy for a blind child but Waffle was too energetic for the kids that needed companions at that time. In August the perfect place was found for Waffle.


Waffle Book – Wonderful

After all is said and done Waffle is a wonderful girl. She can be sweet and cuddly or she can be willful and frustrating but we love her just the same. She is a bit of a daddy’s girl and listens for the sound of the garage door opening that signals that Bill is home. Then Waffle watches and waits for him to sit down on the floor so she and Casey can get their nightly dose of snuggly papa time.

Waffle Book – Woeful

Have you ever seen a sadder looking face. Waffle has a way of using her favorite “woe is me” look to get strangers to talk to her. With her pouty lower lip and her long coppery red eyelashes and her sad puppy dog eyes she knows how to look pathetic. It is kind of funny because she is actually a very happy go lucky kind of pup other than not always being sure about new or different situations.


Waffle Book – Witty

Waffle has a fun way of interacting with the world. When we first got her she was such a busy-body getting into everything. She is curious and loves games and finds ways to play them anytime she can. She tries to start games with our cat and he usually plays along. She is very smart and perceptive.

Waffle Book – Wipeout

When Waffle is tired she is tired and her favorite way to sleep is on her back. I’ve learned that dogs only sleep this way when they feel safe and secure in their environment. It sure makes her look like she is dead to the world. Sometimes I wonder what she has done to make herself so wiped-out by the day. Probably it is just growing up.


Waffle Book – Willful

Waffle has a very well-developed willful side. When she doesn’t want to go somewhere she will dig in her heals and do everything in her power not to move forward.

When she wants to go somewhere that you don’t want her to go she puts all her weight into it so that she actually is leaning way out from her legs. When she was little it was a standard part of her relieving. Now it only happens some of the time. She often does this on slick tile floors with her toe nails out. Then when she gets a correction for pulling Waffle slips and falls on the floor. Silly girl!

Waffle Book – Wild

Like most labs, Waffle has moments of wildly racing through the house. She has one funny habit. She is a toy collector. There is a spot in the living room that she likes to collect most of the dog toys. And her favorite thing is to have two toys at once. One to chew on and another toy underneath to hold the toy up to make it easier to reach.

Waffle Book – Wholesome


Her lean and lanky frame makes Waffle the picture of power and health. She is very athletic and we have yet to see how tall she is going to be. She passed up Casey in the height department before her 7 month birthday. Though Waffle was still a few pounds lighter but I’m sure she will pass her up on that too before much more time passes.

Waffle Book – Whirligig

Waffle was on the reserved side with how much she wagged her tail when she was little. She always had a happy little tail wag for any stranger but she didn’t seem to have one for me. Maybe it was just that I was always around. She is much more liberal with her tail wagging now and when she gets excited her tail actually goes in a circle.

I had a really hard time trying to get a picture or her tail wagging. As you can see I didn’t succeed very well. Every time I pulled out the camera to get her tail she would spin around so her head was facing me or she would sit down.