Pupdate – Scavenger Hunt


For puppy class this week we met at the Valley Fair Mall. I thought it would be the usual socializing but our leader divided us into two team for a scavenger hunt. The two little puppies, Dune & Eagle, stayed in the center of the mall while the rest of the pups went off to find the things on the list and take photos of our puppies with the items we found. It was lots of fun. The mall was rather quiet and so the clerks were always happy to help us and the pups went lots of places all over the mall. Here are some of the photos.

Dune in Akyra’s lap

King & Zodiac in the arcade

plastic fork in the food court with King & Zodiac

a bouquet of flowers with Zodiac and King

Zodiac, King and a stuffed bear

King and Zodiac by luggage with wheels

Our Scavenger Hunt Team – Bill, McKale, Raelyn, King & Zodiac


4 thoughts on “Pupdate – Scavenger Hunt

    • We get comments all the time on the gentle leader and usually they think it is a muzzle. I don’t know how many times I’ve explained that it is like a halter for a horse and that it doesn’t restrict their ability to eat or bite in anyway. It is a powerful tool and GDB wants all the puppies to be comfortable in them so we start using them as soon as we get the puppies.

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