Welcome Yakira

Yakira being handed to Raelyn off the puppy truck

We got puppy #5 off the puppy truck today. He name is Yakira, which I think is very cute. She is also very cute. Yakira is tiny at just 8 weeks and two days. But she isn’t at all skinny she is rather sturdy and boxy in her build. She is full of spunk and bouncy. She likes to bite my ankles. The really funny part is that we were told she was going to be a yellow lab and she is actually black. What makes this even more funny is the exact same thing happened when we got Casey a little over a year ago. Boy are we going to have fun over the next few days.

Cute little Yakira fresh off the truck


2 thoughts on “Welcome Yakira

  1. She is SO cute! Might I dare to say the cutest puppy on the truck! (then again, we all know i'm very partial to those black labs with cute little boxy faces!)

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