Week Long Puppy Swap

Waffle and Casey in the kitchen

Today was the start of a week long puppy swap involving all the puppies in the club. Casey went to spend the week with Lindsey for evaluation since she will be returning to guide dogs soon. And Waffle went to the Allegra’s to be handled by the youngest member of our club Ceely. We are going to miss our two sweet girls. A week is a long time to be away from them. Waffle is as tall as Casey now and she will probably be taller when she gets back. He neck and head are so small still that the adult dog collar still slides off her head.

Radison and Hallie sharing the same doggy bed

We brought home Radison who is about 10 days older than Casey. We have puppy sat Radison a couple of times before so it was fun to have her back. Lauren, Radison’s raiser made sure that I knew that Radison needs cuddle time every night before she goes to bed. Radison has a cute little white patch on her chest. Our second pup is Hallie who is one of the younger puppies in the club. Interestingly Hallie is Banta’s half sister having the same dad. They seem to be good pups and are getting along better with each other than I thought they might.


Also I took Casey into the vet to day to get her Rabies booster and her other annual vaccinations. We are suppose to go ahead and do these if they are due more than a month before recall. Casey’s are due 2 days more than a month so I went ahead and took care of them. When I weighed her she was just 48.8 lbs. I knew that she had lost weight (which she needed to do) but I hadn’t realized that she was below 50 lbs. now. She really isn’t a very big girl.


Farewell to 2010

We are sending out 2010 quietly at home tonight. Casey is snoozing on her puppy bed. She now weights 45 lbs. We have Radison spending a couple of days with us while her family goes skiing. She is a joyful pup. Casey and Radison get along very well. They are only 10 days apart and both are black but their builds are almost opposites. Casey is on the stocky square side of labs and Radison is more like a gazelle with a long lean face. The two of them love to share a toy and play a gentle game of keep away. Happy new year to all the puppies in training and working dogs out there.

Little Langley

Langley & Casey sharing a nylabone ring

We are puppy sitting a cute little puppy for the Thanksgiving holiday. Langley (black lab male) arrived this afternoon. He was originally going to come tomorrow but his raiser wanted to get out of town before the storm hit so she dropped him off this afternoon. I think he is about 13 weeks old. He came on the last puppy truck a couple of weeks ago. He is really a good boy. He is doing great on his house breaking but has some trouble with barking. Sometimes he has the cutest way of grumble barking when he doesn’t like how things are going. I’m sure that he will grow out of this. He was sick with diarrhea last week so he is still on antibiotics. I put the pills in his food but he proceeded to eat around them. I had to resort to shoving them down his throat which he didn’t like at all.

Casey & Langley sharing the dog bed

Casey and Langley are so cute together. It brings back so many memories of when Casey was this age and Banta was the mentor dog. Casey learned well from Banta and she is doing so good with him. Though she has been a bit of a momma’s girl. She is usually quite independent but she has been following me around.

Carl Bloch and Front Runner

It was a busy day today. Kasha and I meet two of my good friends from our days of living in Provo and went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. Kasha enjoyed flirting with the other people at the exhibit. I would be looking at a painting and suddenly realize that she had caught someones eye. She is such a cute puppy and her Golden Retriever side sure loves to meet everyone she sees. The exhibit has several huge alter pieces on loan to BYU from the churches in Denmark where they have hung for more than 100 years. They are amazing to see in person. He has such an amazing way of capturing the inner depth and feeling of people. The exhibit is free and well worth the time to see it. Follow the link below for more information.

Carl Bloch Exhibit

Tonight for puppy class we went on Front Runner to Roy and back. I was so excited to get there and see my Casey girl. I missed her. Kasha is a cute little energizer bunny but she isn’t Casey. We saw her as we arrived at the trained and swapped puppies back. I had to give her some extra loves, I was so happy to see her. We had puppies from the Utah County club and the High School group as well as our regular puppies. (The two newest puppies from our club, Phoenix and Langley didn’t come). All the puppies seemed to do really well and they all settled down and had a nice snooze. On the way back Casey curled up way under the seat and really went to sleep. It was my first ride on Front Runner too. The train is very nice and some of the seats have a table between them so Bill was able to get some work done on his lap top while we traveled. It is good to have Casey home.

Photo by Bruce

I found out tonight at puppy class that Clifford has been career changed because of cataracts. Oh such sad news! He will be coming back to his raisers home over the weekend. It makes me a bit paranoid about cataracts because the Porter who was raised in our club was career changed for the same reason this past summer.

Kasha in Primary

Kasha got to go to Primary with us today. We were substituting in the three-year old class today and I thought that Kasha might have a bit of a challenge with all the little kid energy. But we woke up to about 9″ of snow this morning and she had a grand time on the walk home from choir practice and helping us shovel the driveway and side walk. I think she was on the tired side by the time we got to church and she actually fell asleep in a class with five little three-year-old boys. I think as she matures she is going to be a great puppy. I meant to get some photos of her in the snow to share with her raiser but somehow it just never got done.

Casey/Kasha Puppy Swap

Kasha at the Library

Casey is past due for a puppy swap so we made arrangements to trade her with Kasha for the weekend. Kasha is 3/4 lab and 1/4 golden retriever. She is about 4 and 1/2 months old and a very cute little puppy with a dark golden or reddish coat. She mostly looks like a lab but if you know goldens you can see it in her face and in her personality. Kasha is much higher energy puppy than Casey so that will take a bit of getting use to. Between the high energy and the six weeks younger in age it is quite an adjustment from our calm Casey to bouncy Kasha. It helps me to appreciate what a good girl our Casey is growing up to be.

Casey 3 Months Old & Banta Back Home

Casey is three months old today. It is hard to believe that she has been here for more than 10 days already. She is climbing up and down stair like a pro now and hasn’t had an accident for more than 3 days. She is a funny, sweet girl. When Casey is playing with her toys she makes the oddest noises. It sounds like she is unhappy but when you look at her she is happily chewing on a toy. Her favorite toys are a half chewed dental dino and a small piece of nylabone that Apex sculpted from a much larger bone. She loves to sleep on her back with her legs spread wide. I’m guessing this is at least partly do to it being summer and still warm.
It is good to have Banta home from her puppy swap. Sounds like she was a good girl other than setting up a racket in her kennel. She is quiet at home other than when I take Casey out for a walk without her. I wonder if she thought she was missing out on something fun and thought she out to let everyone know how she felt. Banta definitely has opinions about things and isn’t afraid to share them. We better get her on another swap before she goes back to GDB and to a household that she hasn’t been to before. Banta went with me to physical therapy today and she was so good. She took a nap while I was treated and did my exercises.

First walk around the block and the Church BBQ

The four of us (Bill, Me, Clifford and Casey) went on a walk around the block this morning. Casey did very well but got a little overwhelmed about half way because of too many barking dogs. Clifford helped to give her more confidence. She settle out in a little while and enjoyed her walk until she got tired and Bill carried her the rest of the way home. Then we sat on the grass in the shade and enjoyed the pleasant weather. 
Casey went to her first church activity tonight. It was outside so we thought it would be a good socializing opportunity for her. She and Clifford got lots of attention, especially from kids. One little boy in particular who’s nick-name is KC spent a lot of time sitting by Casey and petting her. She did really well and handled all the people, sounds and smells easily. She got a little cold and tired and one point and crawled into Bill’s lap for a few minutes. Then she was ready for more adventures. Toward the end I pulled out a couple of toys for Casey and Clifford to chew on. Only trouble is they both wanted the bone. They kept looking for opportunities to steal it from each other. Casey may be small but she has no trouble asserting her opinion.

Puppy Swap

Banta and Clifford have swapped places for the weekend. Banta was due for a swap and Clifford’s raiser will be getting a new puppy to add to the household a couple of weeks and wanted to see how he would do around Casey.

 We let Clifford and Casey play a few minutes ago and it was fun to watch. Casey has grown in confidence in the week she has been with us and she held her own with Clifford who is almost a year old and three times her weight. A couple of times Casey latched on to Clifford’s tail. Clifford didn’t quite know what to do, so he went around in circles trying to get her to let go. Mean while Casey is going around in the same circle with her mouth firmly on his tail. It was hilarious – two black labs following each other around and around, a big one and a little one! They enjoyed munching on ice cubes together in the kitchen afterward to cool them down.

Banta was headed to the county fair tonight so I’m sure she had a fun adventure seeing all the animals and people. We miss our little blond girl but it’s good for all three of the pups to participate in the swap.