50 for 50 #48 – S.T.a.R. Party

Me and Shannon

This week I got to get together with two good friends, Shannon and Tricia. The three of us worked together for several years with they young women in our church. We made a great team. Though each of us is very different in our life paths we were all born in the same year. We use to live just a couple of blocks apart and we would get together regularly for a S.T.a.R. party (for Shannon Tricia and Raelyn) but now I live 30 minutes from Tricia and Shannon lives in the mid-west. Tricia and I get together about once a month without Shannon. I think the last time the three of us got together was two years ago. But this week Shannon was in town, so we got to have a real S.T.a.R. party with all three of us. It was so much fun to talk and catch up with each other. It was the perfect way to celebrate my 50th (and theirs) year this week.

(I’ve haven’t gotten a copy of the photo that Tricia took of Shannon and me. I’ll add as soon as I can.)

Carl Bloch and Front Runner

It was a busy day today. Kasha and I meet two of my good friends from our days of living in Provo and went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. Kasha enjoyed flirting with the other people at the exhibit. I would be looking at a painting and suddenly realize that she had caught someones eye. She is such a cute puppy and her Golden Retriever side sure loves to meet everyone she sees. The exhibit has several huge alter pieces on loan to BYU from the churches in Denmark where they have hung for more than 100 years. They are amazing to see in person. He has such an amazing way of capturing the inner depth and feeling of people. The exhibit is free and well worth the time to see it. Follow the link below for more information.

Carl Bloch Exhibit

Tonight for puppy class we went on Front Runner to Roy and back. I was so excited to get there and see my Casey girl. I missed her. Kasha is a cute little energizer bunny but she isn’t Casey. We saw her as we arrived at the trained and swapped puppies back. I had to give her some extra loves, I was so happy to see her. We had puppies from the Utah County club and the High School group as well as our regular puppies. (The two newest puppies from our club, Phoenix and Langley didn’t come). All the puppies seemed to do really well and they all settled down and had a nice snooze. On the way back Casey curled up way under the seat and really went to sleep. It was my first ride on Front Runner too. The train is very nice and some of the seats have a table between them so Bill was able to get some work done on his lap top while we traveled. It is good to have Casey home.

Photo by Bruce

I found out tonight at puppy class that Clifford has been career changed because of cataracts. Oh such sad news! He will be coming back to his raisers home over the weekend. It makes me a bit paranoid about cataracts because the Porter who was raised in our club was career changed for the same reason this past summer.

Casey’s First Outing

Today we had an extended family photo for my family so of course our two girl pups were included. We did it at my sisters house so Casey had her first car ride since she got home from the puppy truck. She was not happy about riding in the car. We put her in her kennel in the back and she was fine until we started moving. She didn’t complain the whole way there and on the way home she quieted down sooner. I’m sure that a few more trips in the car and she will be doing just fine. 

Casey enjoyed exploring my sister’s yard and Banta was excited to see the family faces of my family. She especially likes my dad as he usually plays tug with her. We also did a few photos with just Bill and I and our two girls. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and I’ll post at least one here after we get to see them.

Casey was ready for a nap after we were and she curled up in Bill’s lap. In the afternoon we drove to Provo to help my niece move. We use to live in the same house so it was fun to see old neighbors and introduce Casey to them. We brought two kennels for the girls to relax in while we were busy and they were both little angels. It has been a busy day for her but she handled everything just fine.