50 for 50 #48 – S.T.a.R. Party

Me and Shannon

This week I got to get together with two good friends, Shannon and Tricia. The three of us worked together for several years with they young women in our church. We made a great team. Though each of us is very different in our life paths we were all born in the same year. We use to live just a couple of blocks apart and we would get together regularly for a S.T.a.R. party (for Shannon Tricia and Raelyn) but now I live 30 minutes from Tricia and Shannon lives in the mid-west. Tricia and I get together about once a month without Shannon. I think the last time the three of us got together was two years ago. But this week Shannon was in town, so we got to have a real S.T.a.R. party with all three of us. It was so much fun to talk and catch up with each other. It was the perfect way to celebrate my 50th (and theirs) year this week.

(I’ve haven’t gotten a copy of the photo that Tricia took of Shannon and me. I’ll add as soon as I can.)


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