Gift Idea #30 – Family Home History

idea numbers30Many families have a home they have lived in for many, many years. If your family is one of them, consider putting together a history of your family home. It can be interesting and enlightening to see the role a house can play in your families history and the memories made there.

I did a small book about the home the my mother and most of her siblings were born in. This home was built by her father and when it was time to sell the old family home she had a really hard time with the idea. I put together the book in hopes that it would help her be more at peace with selling the home. I’ll post about this project sometime.


3 thoughts on “Gift Idea #30 – Family Home History

    • Wow, Kassie, thanks for nominating me. I had no idea there was such a thing as a Liebster! Looks like I have some work to do to follow through on your award. I stopped by your blog post so now I know a bit more about the Liebster. I’ll try to live up to your nomination.

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