Gift Idea #29 – On this Date

idea numbers29For this idea you will share with your family through out the year or a specific time frame important things that happened to your family on this date in the past. You could follow the life of a single person or a group of people. You could focus on just one year or you could draw from a bunch of years.

I did my version of this for my family with my great-great-grandmother, Mary Taylor this past year. I focused on her journey from England to Utah in 1856 as a handcart pioneer. I shared this information with my family via e-mails, either daily or weekly depending on the amount of information I had. You could also put together a book or binder with the information.

A second version I did this past year was for my mom’s trip to Europe in 1952. Sharing a story with lots of details makes it easy in some ways because it breaks it into bite sized pieces, that can be more manageable to digest in our busy lives.

Another version would be to share with your family important dates such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc. for present and past family members. One way to do this would be with a personalized calendar.


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