First walk around the block and the Church BBQ

The four of us (Bill, Me, Clifford and Casey) went on a walk around the block this morning. Casey did very well but got a little overwhelmed about half way because of too many barking dogs. Clifford helped to give her more confidence. She settle out in a little while and enjoyed her walk until she got tired and Bill carried her the rest of the way home. Then we sat on the grass in the shade and enjoyed the pleasant weather. 
Casey went to her first church activity tonight. It was outside so we thought it would be a good socializing opportunity for her. She and Clifford got lots of attention, especially from kids. One little boy in particular who’s nick-name is KC spent a lot of time sitting by Casey and petting her. She did really well and handled all the people, sounds and smells easily. She got a little cold and tired and one point and crawled into Bill’s lap for a few minutes. Then she was ready for more adventures. Toward the end I pulled out a couple of toys for Casey and Clifford to chew on. Only trouble is they both wanted the bone. They kept looking for opportunities to steal it from each other. Casey may be small but she has no trouble asserting her opinion.

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