Busy Week for Banta & Casey

It has been a busy week with the girls. They have made progress on restraining from trying to constantly play with each other. This sure helps make life easier. They have a ways to go but if they continue at this rate it won’t be too long until they can hang out together most of the time.
Casey did a first for our household on Tuesday. I was working on preparing our back deck for to be stained so I had Casey on the deck with me and Banta was hanging out in the backyard down below. Well, Casey decided that she wanted to play with Banta and I had the stairs blocked. This left the spaces between the railings and she is still small enough to fit though. The deck is about 5 1/2 feet off the ground and Casey jump down! I was a bit paniced but she landed fine and didn’t miss a beat in instigating play with Banta. What a brave girl. Banta was afraid to jump out of the car for a long time.
Banta continued her class with the GSLDTC (Greater Salt Lake Dog Training Club) on Wednesday where she is practicing staying calm and paying attention around other dogs. She is doing really great. You can’t tell that she has a problem with dog distractions most of the time and she really enjoys the class. We get lots of practice healing and long sit and down stays. Stays use to be one of her weaker skills. Now she can do a 5 minute down stay with dogs all around her with no trouble at all.
We had a big regional puppy raiser meeting at Cabelas with 22 puppies in training there. We must have been quite a sight on the South side of Cabelas. Both girls behaved very well. Casey got to say high to two of her brothers. She certainly remember them. Banta got to show how she has improved with her dog distractions and Casey joined the other young pups by stopping for an unscheduled poop as all the dogs were healing around in a big circle. Casey also got her jacket that night for quick socializing trips into stores etc. So the four of us went inside Cabelas for a short excursion. Casey did good. I carried her part of the time. 
Banta went with me for my last physical therapy treatment for the bursitis in my hip. It is hard to believe that the week Casey came I was having a hard time walking. Now my hip is totally back to normal. Banta was perfect at physical therapy. She knows just what she is suppose to do, just lie down and wait for me.
This was a busy day as Saturdays often our. Banta went with Bill to Lowes and Home Depot to buy a new weed wacker. We all went to the Library and Casey got some good opportunities to socialize with children. She did really really good. She sat nice and calm while they gave her attention. In the evening Banta went with Bill and I to Tooele to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Casey isn’t ready for this yet so she stayed home and my friend Lisa came by to play with her, feed her and take her for a walk.
Banta went to church with us and hung out with me in Primary. I was substituting on the piano. In a week or two Casey will be ready to come to part of church. This afternoon the four of us went for a walk around the block and Casey made it the whole way without needing to be carried. Banta is such a great mentor for her on walks. She helps Casey learn that barking dogs are not a big deal. Banta enjoys having her along too. At the start of the walk, Banta was done relieving first and she didn’t want to go with out Casey. They are both learning not to try to play with each other on walks but to just enjoy the outdoors together.
It has been a good week. The girls are getting use to each other and the routines. I’m starting to get a little bit done besides take care of puppies. They are so cute together.

Casey 3 Months Old & Banta Back Home

Casey is three months old today. It is hard to believe that she has been here for more than 10 days already. She is climbing up and down stair like a pro now and hasn’t had an accident for more than 3 days. She is a funny, sweet girl. When Casey is playing with her toys she makes the oddest noises. It sounds like she is unhappy but when you look at her she is happily chewing on a toy. Her favorite toys are a half chewed dental dino and a small piece of nylabone that Apex sculpted from a much larger bone. She loves to sleep on her back with her legs spread wide. I’m guessing this is at least partly do to it being summer and still warm.
It is good to have Banta home from her puppy swap. Sounds like she was a good girl other than setting up a racket in her kennel. She is quiet at home other than when I take Casey out for a walk without her. I wonder if she thought she was missing out on something fun and thought she out to let everyone know how she felt. Banta definitely has opinions about things and isn’t afraid to share them. We better get her on another swap before she goes back to GDB and to a household that she hasn’t been to before. Banta went with me to physical therapy today and she was so good. She took a nap while I was treated and did my exercises.