50 for 50 #20 – Lavender Turtleneck

my fifth grade school picture

This is my favorite school photo when I was growing up. I thought it would be fun to have another lavender turtleneck similar to the one in this photo. This week I was at Kohl’s looking for something to spend a $10 gift card on. I wanted a small watering can for my grow-light but they don’t have stuff like that so I ended up looking through the clearance rack in women’s clothing. I felt like I hit the jack-pot when I found some basic long-sleeved shirts for $2 at 90% off. One of the tops was a dark lavender turtleneck so that made everything perfect. So I ended up with three $2 tops and one $4 top that just perfectly spent the $10 card I had. Yeah for some great shopping!

me at almost 50


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