Family Trees: 3D colorful family tree

3D Family Tree from

With spring around the corner, this would be a fun family project. It would make a great time to get the kids involved in a hands on activity. Click on the photo above for step by step tutorial. I also think it would also be fun to put together a kit and send to grandkids that are far away.


50 Jar Gifts: idea #45 – force bulbs in jelly jars

paperwhites in jelly jars from

After the holidays are over and the short days and longs nights of winter set in, there is nothing as wonderful as a touch of spring from forcing spring bulbs to bloom inside. For me they represent the hope of spring and that the cold days will eventual give way to warmth and green growing things. Click on the photo above for detailed instructions.

If you don’t have any family stories or ancestors that you can associate with spring and/or bulbs then how about a story of how hope for a better day helped a family member persevere through a trial. I know that for my current trial of getting my hand functional again there are days when it seems like it will never be the same. Part of the problem has been unrealistic expectations. It is going to take more time than I imagined. Just as there maybe some warm days in January but from experience more snow and cold is bound to come. But having a spring bulb on my table reminds me that spring will come and though it might take six months to a year, my hand will be fully functional again.

If this idea inspires you, let me know. I’d love to share your project here too.jar gift logos46

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50 for 50 #9 – Grow Something New

My Pot of Hyacinths

This project actually started last year when I helped clean out the flower beds of their spring bulbs at the Jordan River Temple. Instead of planting the few hyacinth bulbs in my yard, I put them in a beautiful periwinkle pot that my sister gave me many years ago. I kept the pot in the garage until the first week of February. When I brought it inside it didn’t take longĀ  for the first shoots of green to start coming up. It has been so much fun to watch them grow. One bulb was really slow coming up and I gave up on it but even it came up eventually. Then the first of the pink blossoms started to show. I have so enjoyed having a fresh breath of spring at the end of winter. Now I want to force bulbs every year and maybe even find more pots so I can do extra to share with others too.

straggler bulb finally coming up