50 for 50 #9 – Grow Something New

My Pot of Hyacinths

This project actually started last year when I helped clean out the flower beds of their spring bulbs at the Jordan River Temple. Instead of planting the few hyacinth bulbs in my yard, I put them in a beautiful periwinkle pot that my sister gave me many years ago. I kept the pot in the garage until the first week of February. When I brought it inside it didn’t take long  for the first shoots of green to start coming up. It has been so much fun to watch them grow. One bulb was really slow coming up and I gave up on it but even it came up eventually. Then the first of the pink blossoms started to show. I have so enjoyed having a fresh breath of spring at the end of winter. Now I want to force bulbs every year and maybe even find more pots so I can do extra to share with others too.

straggler bulb finally coming up


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