Puppy #9

day 29 Puppy Truck CountdownI’m delinquent on my writing challenge today. My excuses are a busy day followed by the long-awaited news of our next puppy in training. Our little black lab will be arriving on September 11th and her name starts with an “F”! Yeah I’m so excited to get my “F” puppy.

We still don’t know if Emma will be leaving on the same truck but my guess is that she won’t go back until the next truck. It is a partly scientific guess based on the previous recalls this year. Emma is ready to go but it will be good to have her around to mentor our new little one.


5 thoughts on “Puppy #9

  1. we will see if she really ends up being a black lab…the last few “colors” have been off. Either way – congratulations on the impending new baby

    • Yes, things can always change on the day the load up the puppy truck. As long as she has an “F” name I’ll be ecstatic. But even if she ends up not having an “F” name I’ll love her from the start. How can you not love those sweet little puppies!

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