F Puppy naming contest

Puppy Truck Countdown29Another day of delinquency. Not good, I’ve got to get back on track tomorrow. New puppy only a little to blame. I’m also busy getting things started on this years candy window Christmas display. The real problem is giving this history enough priority each and everyday. Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and time for a fresh start.

Now to the other purpose for this post. It is traditional to let friends guess the name of our puppies before they arrive. We don’t find out their names until they hand us the puppy of the truck. So for little miss “F” I’ve decided to make an official contest to guess her name. The prize is a personalized fleece travel mat designed for dogs but it also works well for babies and it would work for a lap blanket too. If more than one person guesses her name, I’ll do a drawing to pick the winner of the blanket.

You can enter the contest by commenting below or send me an email. Facebook also works. Have fun guessing. Guide Dogs for the Blind is very creative in naming their puppies since they need unique names for all working guide dogs, puppies in training and breeder dogs. Have fun thinking up “F” names!


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