Writing Challenge: day 12

I am happy to report that my Dad is fine with the idea of combining all the class experiences into one class for the sake of telling the story. Yeah! I think it will really help in making it an interesting read. We will certainly make it clear that it is based on real experiences but that they didn’t all happen to the same set of students in just a few weeks but over the space of 3 years.

Last night I put together about a 100 questions to learn more about his experiences at the Underwater Swimmers School. I started with the questions from StoryCorp.org and modified them for this specific situation. My Dad liked them so much that he called the guy in charge of the Underwater Swimmers School website and told him about the questions and said I would be sending him a copy.The website has asked students and instructors from the school to put together histories that they can share with others at their 2015 Reunion. It would be cool if these questions can help others to share their stories. I just got them emailed off a few minutes ago.

My Dad is taking the questions so that he can thing about them. We will talk again at some future date. Some of them are rather philosophical. I think my next step is to make a more detailed outline of the story but I’ll check with Lynn Palermo’s  The Companion Guide to The Family History Writing Challenge.” first and double check the first email for the challenge and make sure that is the next step. I still have so much to do for this project but it feels awesome to have a basic storyline that I’m planning to follow. In case you are interested here are the questions:

Key West Story Prompt Questions:

  1. Who was the most important person to you at UWSS? Can you tell me about him or her?
  2. What was the happiest moment at UWSS? The saddest?
  3. Who was the biggest influence at UWSS? What lessons did that person teach you?
  4. Who was the kindest to you at UWSS?
  5. What are the most important lessons you learned at UWSS?
  6. What is your earliest memory at UWSS?
  7. What is your favorite memory at UWSS?
  8. What are the funniest or most embarrassing stories at UWSS?
  9. If you could hold on to just one memory from at UWSS, what would that be?
  10. If this was to be our very last conversation, what words of wisdom would you want to pass on to me about UWSS?
  11. What are you proudest of in your life at UWSS?
  12. When did you fell the most alone at UWSS?
  13. What are your hopes and dreams for what the future would hold at UWSS?
  14. How did things turn out different from what you’d imagined at UWSS?
  15. How would do you hope those at UWSS remember you?
  16. Do you have any regrets about UWSS?
  17. Is there any message you want to give to or anything you want to say to your great-great-great grandchildren about UWSS?
  18. If you could interview anyone from UWSS who would it be and why?
  19. Was there a time when you didn’t like being at UWSS?
  20. Did you enjoy instructor school?
  21. What kind of student were you?
  22. What would you do for fun during instructor school?
  23. How would your classmates remember you from instructor school?
  24. Did you stay friends with anyone from instructor school?
  25. What are your best memories of instructor school? Worst memories?
  26. Was there a teacher or teachers who had a particularly strong influence on you? Tell me about them.
  27. Do you have any favorite stories from instructor school?
  28. Do you have a favorite friend from UWSS?
  29. When did you first meet?
  30. Can you tell how you become such good friends?
  31. What lessons have you learned from your friendship?
  32. What were the best times? The most difficult times?
  33. What advice do you have for young people and their friendships?
  34. Do you have any favorite stories from this friendship?
  35. What was a typical day like at UWSS?
  36. Tell me about how you ended up at UWSS.
  37. Did you like your job at UWSS?
  38. What lessons did working at UWSS teach you?
  39. Do you have any favorite stories from UWSS?
  40. Did your religious beliefs have any effects on your work at UWSS?
  41. Did you experienced any miracles?
  42. What was the most profound spiritual moment at UWSS?
  43. Can you tell me about the illnesses at UWSS?
  44. Did it scare you?
  45. Do you regret anything about UWSS?
  46. Do you look at your life differently now than before you were at UWSS?
  47. What have you learned from this experience?
  48. What was it like living in Key West?
  49. What traditions did you have at UWSS?
  50. What was your favorite thing to do?
  51. Do you remember any of the stories they used to tell at UWSS? Jokes? Songs?
  52. What was it like being an instructor?
  53. How did it change you?
  54. During your time there, can you recall times when you were afraid?
  55. What are your strongest memories from your time in Key West?
  56. What lessons did you learn from this time in Key West?
  57. Is there anything that you’ve never told me about UWSS but want to tell me now?
  58. Did anyone died while you were at UWSS?  If so, what do remember of their death and what were the circumstances of their death?
  59. What kind of hardships or tragedies did you experience while at UWSS?
  60. What are the names of your co-workers? Describe one or more things that stand out in your mind about each of your co-workers.
  61. Did you have special ways of celebrating specific holidays?
  62. Share a few memories of your co-workers.
  63. Where were they from? Did you spend much time together outside of work?  Did they travel to visit their families?
  64. What were they like?
  65. How many had families there in Key West with them?
  66. Where did they go to school? How did they end up at UWSS?
  67. What were your favorite subjects to teach at UWSS? Why?
  68. What subjects did you like the least?  Why?
  69. What do you see as your personal strengths?
  70. What were some of the challenges you faced in Key West?
  71. What medical issues did you had to deal with?
  72. Was religion an important part of the other instructors lives? If so, what religion did they practice and what did it mean to them? If religion was/is not a part of there lives, why wasn’t it?
  73. What happened to them?
  74. What foods do you like to eat in Key West?  Dislike?
  75. Where there two or three dishes you ate that makes you smile every time you think of them?
  76. What are some of your life philosophies or life views that you would share with others.
  77. What are some of the personal values that are very important to you?
  78. Thinking of people worked with at UWSS. Who would you would categorize as great. What did they do to be great in your mind?
  79. List 20 or more things that made you happy while you were in Key West.
  80. What scared you at UWSS?
  81. What advice would you pass on about teaching that you learned from UWSS?
  82. What are some of your talents as an instructor? How did you discover them? What did you done to cultivate and improve them?
  83. What were some of the life changing experiences you went through at UWSS? How did you handle them? In what ways did they change you?
  84. Why did you choose to be an instructor at UWSS?
  85. What were some of the jobs you did at UWSS?
  86. Were there memorable experiences you had with any of those jobs?
  87. What would you consider as two or three truly significant challenges in your life in Key West?
  88. What are some of the life lessons that you would like to pass on to your posterity about UWSS?
  89. Provide a brief description of each place you’ve lived while you were an instructor at UWSS.
  90. If you could go back in time and do things over again, what would you change?
  91. When all is said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?
  92. What are you doing now to make that happen?
  93. What kind of health issues have you experienced from being an instructor for the Navy?
  94. What were some of your more memorable extra curricular activities?
  95. What were some of the popular fads during your years at UWSS?
  96. What kind of music did you listen to?
  97. What kind of movies did you go to?
  98. What kinds of other recreational activities did you do?
  99. How did the students get along with each other?
  100. Where some of them difficult to teach?
  101. What was it like when you arrived in Key West?

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