Writing Challenge: day 11

UWSS story arcI’m so excited that I have a story arc! I hope my Dad approves. I’m meeting with him tomorrow. I feel like I got a flash of inspiration, what if there was just one class of students in the story? It wouldn’t be a real class but a fictionalized class so that all the fun, scary and challenging things that happened over 3 years could be compacted into one class. I think this could really work with the book ending with that class graduating. I would want to make it clear the liberties taken but it should make it all flow and be very interesting.

I’m so glad for the step by step help I’ve got from Lynn Palermo’s  The Companion Guide to The Family History Writing Challenge.” I went back over the part she has on the story arc and as I added more to her Story Arc Worksheet things just fell into place. If for some reason my Dad is uncomfortable with this approach my next suggestion will be to put together a collection of short stories about his time at the Underwater Swimmers School.

Either way, I think the next step is to come up with a bunch of questions to help him remember things about UWSS. Having them ready for tomorrow would be awesome but I’ll have to see how they day progresses.


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