Joy Jar


With Zodiac’s recall many other things have slipped. So today I’m catching my breath and either catching up with some tasks or just letting them go. I decided that catching up on my joy would be a good thing in this new week, so here goes:

  • my beans coming up (finally)
  • snowing blossoms
  • outing to the Natural History Museum
  • seeing a finch in a curly willow tree
  • book club
  • Bill getting a pay raise
  • getting my computer backed up
  • rain storm
  • ice cream
  • walk with Dune
  • talking a nap
  • eating an apple fritter
  • fresh flowers
  • walking the Jordan River Trail with Zodiac
  • birthday brunch
  • patches of sunshine
  • Zodiac’s farewell party
  • Zodiac’s last eval
  • learning new stuff
  • Zodiac’s last eval as a puppy
  • finishing Zodiac’s puppy book
  • a beautiful sunny morning for Zodiac’s recall
  • Bill getting to walk Zodiac’s brother Zenith
  • raising Zodiac

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