But I’m Too Busy to Do That!

DOABLE Sidebar DWith today’s busy lifestyles it can be tough to add one more thing to your plate. Are you worried that doing a story project will just make your life more hectic than it is now? I believe that there are times and season in your life. Depending on the stage of life we are in effects that kinds of stresses and strains we have to deal with. The key is to pick a story project that works for your present schedule. A retired person can choose a much more time-consuming project that a single mom who is working and going back to school. Look at things you spend time in already and with some creative thinking you can come up with a meaningful story project that fits.

So the type of story project is very important. A project could be as simple as an oral story that you tell to your kids as bedtime stories. It may even be something that you could work on just by thinking about it as you commute or have downtime waiting in line or for an appointment.

The scope of your story project is also very important. If you have very little discretionary time make sure you keep each story project very small. Break a potential larger project into smaller pieces. Lets take the oral story telling idea mentioned above. A larger project might be to record a series of stories and add photos or illustrations and even music to make a life story. This larger project can be simplified into each individual story and perfecting the story telling style over the months and years of telling. Then down the road the stories could be recorded. And as schedules permit each audio could be combined with photos or illustration. Eventually when all the stories are done, they could be gathered into one cohesive collection. What a priceless treasure that would be with stories that your children grew up hearing at bedtime. What a legacy a long-term story project like that could be for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And all of it started by just decided to develop some oral stories from your personal life or the life of your family.

That is just one example. There are endless possibilities depending on you, your own life circumstances and your talents, interests and abilities. Over the next few days let your subconscious mind work on finding a good solution for you. Share your ideas here and you might just be the inspiration that someone else is looking for.


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