Why Do a Story Project?

DOABLE Sidebar DWith all the demands we have on our time and the many options we have on any spare time we might have, why would you want to spend some of that precious time on a story project? Here are a few reasons that I came up with:

  • preserve & share living memory
  • connect with family members
  • strengthen family relationships
  • understand yourself better
  • share family values
  • increase self-esteem
  • improve resilience
  • uncover forgotten stories and people

Emory University did a remarkable study that showed a connection between teens knowing their family’s stories and the sense of well-being.

“Children Benefit if They Know About Their Relatives”

“Do You Know…”

This is powerful stuff. I knew that family stories were important but I had no idea that they have such a vital role in helping us to live happier more productive lives. That is reason enough for me. What about you? What is your reason for doing story projects?


3 thoughts on “Why Do a Story Project?

  1. I think there are many ethnic groups that can teach us the need for knowing our family past, we all need a back story.

    • You are right. All the cultures of the past have ways of sharing about the past. There is a reason that is part of these cultures. Know our back story gives us a foundation to weather the storms of life and enjoy the good times more fully.

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